Lauren Dadigan combines the power of research and solid leadership to create her sales development to success. 

CB Insights is the leader in research on high growth companies and helps Lauren and her team to know the right things about her prospects before reaching out. 

Lauren combines that with high touch leadership skills to create a winning program. 

Listen as we dive into his how she creates success on a daily basis!

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Notable Quotes: 

            “We’re very picky on who we hire, and we make sure everybody’s on board before we
                        hire them. I think that’s extremely important because that’s when you get in great
                        individuals that will stay in and stay at your company in a career.”

                                                            – Lauren Dadigan

            “I think the worst thing that anybody could do in this role is not get SDRs and enough
                        training because that’s going to set them for success for success in the long run.”

                                                            – Lauren Dadigan 

“I can teach you to sell, I can’t teach you to love sales.”      

                                                            – Lauren Dadigan

Brief Summary

            Researching is a powerful tool to predict your next move and to target your next market. It doesn’t stop there—research is one thing you can use to ensure you’re building a robust sales development team. Lauren Dadigan of CB Insights talk about how to leverage research for both sales and building a sales team.           

Today’s Guest: Lauren Dadigan

                         Lauren Dadigan is the Senior Director of Sales Development over at CB Insights, and she has built and has since been constantly evolving their internal sales development team with the help of her team.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Lauren Dadigan (00:56)
  • How Lauren got into sales development and her journey to become the Senior Director of Sales Development at CB Insights (01:22)
  • CB Insights and its growth over the past few years (02:18)
  • Why would a customer need CB Insights and what they offer? (03:17)
  • The process behind hiring and growing a sales development team (04:05)
  • The first thing to do when scaling up a sales development team fast (05:50)
  • Finding enough of the right people to hire (06:58)
  • The kind of people they want to hire for the company (08:33)
  • How to tell if a prospective hire is coachable? (10:33)
    • Social cues and listening skills (11:02)
  • Balancing the need for quantity with quality (12:48)
  • Dealing with a candidate that interviews well but gets lukewarm feedback (14:48)
  • Hiring the best fit for the company instead of mass hiring (19:18)
  • Not everyone is meant to be in sales (20:09)
  • What the first couple of months looks like for the new hire (20:37)
  • How much time is invested to train individuals (22:48)
  • How to assess if the training on the individual has been successful (25:20)
  • The biggest challenge to growing the team and ensuring its productivity (26:30)
  • Motivating your team as a leader (28:15)
  • Where to get in touch with Lauren Dadigan (30:47)

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