Dave Hawley is a marketing expert who works with Saas start-ups to take their sales to the next level. Listen in as we discuss how to think about the importance of brand building, top of funnel lead generation, and how to coordinate with the Sales Development team to ensure no leads get left behind. 

Over the course of his career, Dave has developed a formula for marketing success he applies to his clients’ businesses to skyrocket their success. Gain his secrets here on The Sales Development Podcast! 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “I do see a lot of folks who think that there’s one marketing program that’s going to be
                        the panacea and solve all their pipeline problems. That’s probably the biggest
                        misconception I see.”

                                                            – Dave Hawley

“What an early-stage startup brand means to me is positioning. And your position needs
                        to be defendable. It needs to be unique, and it needs to be value-oriented.”

                                                            – Dave Hawley           

Brief Summary

            If you’re a product, what’s your first step to effectively get your product out there? Do you put your resources in a handful of campaigns, but they just seem to fall flat? In this episode, we’re talking to marketing expert Dave Hawley about how to get your product out there and land you your first twenty customers.

Today’s Guest: Dave Hawley

                        With twenty years of start-up marketing consultancy and revenue creation experience and under his belt, Dave Hawley’s expertise in building repeatable and scalable marketing strategies has helped dozens of start-ups experience massive growth their companies.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • Tenbound’s Market Map Beta (00:00)
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Dave Hawley (03:10)
  • Dave Hawley’s marketing expertise and how he got into the field (03:45)
  • Dave’s specific niche of companies and a quick overview of how he helps them (05:12)
  • Where Dave has seen a lot of companies go sideways when they approach marketing (06:56)
    • Leading with the product (07:43)
    • Misalignment of demand generation at an early stage (09:06)
    • Sales enablement (11:15)
  • What Dave sees when he initially comes in for consulting (12:33)
  • The marketing overhaul: going in it for the long game (16:15)
  • Where to start when your marketing campaigns fall flat (20:24)
  • It depends on the leader to lay out clear-cut goals (23:02)
  • The difficulty in communicating with executive roles by junior positions (24:38)
  • Communicating with executives using numbers and charts and spreadsheets (26:45)
  • Taking a closer look at the numbers that matter (29:22)
  • What sales development leader if they know the goals are misaligned (32:30)
  • Dave’s thoughts on the opinion that salespeople have punted on prospecting (34:08)
  • Question: would it make sense to invest on SDRs, more training, money, prestige, and higher expectations (39:22)
  • How product-led marketing plays into the sales teams (42:35)
  • There’s too much risk in a product-led marketing approach (48:23)
  • Dave’s thoughts on the resurgence of brand in marketing (51:22)
  • Where to get in touch with Dave Hawley and (56:00)

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