What are the keys to Sales success? Is it born or made? 

Cecelia Frye has figured it out and comes on the podcast this week to share her background and how she raised up from Enterprise Rent-A-Car to an accomplished Sales Development Leadership at SurveyMonkey.

Listen to how she’s created this path through training, hard work and leadership focus. This a must for any SDRs or AE’s out there who want to get into a Leadership position! 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “Oftentimes BDRs and SDRs fall into this notion of ‘I just have to book meetings and go
                        through the motions.’ But if you can think a little bit big picture, think more
                        about what you’re doing, how this drives the business objectives, then you will
                        become truly invaluable and that’s going to help you drive your career.”

                                                            – Cecilia Frye

“If you can look at the data and use that to understand exactly what’s happening, where
                        the biggest needs are, and where the gaps are within your business, that’s going
                        to help you invest in the right places.”

                                                            – Cecilia Frye           

Brief Summary

            What’s one way to success? How do you figure it out? One way that our guest went about it is going above and beyond set expectations and making sure that what they bring to the table is invaluable.

Today’s Guest: Cecilia Frye

                         Cecilia Frye was about to go into law school when she realized that her passion lay in people, sales, and making money. From there, she worked at Enterprise Rent-A-Car and worked her way up the sales ladder to land her a position as the Senior Manager for Business Development over at Survey Monkey.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • The Tenbound Market Map Beta (00:00)
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Cecilia Frye (03:05)
  • Cecilia Frye, sales and business development, and her successful program at Survey Monkey (03:36)
  • Cecilia’s path and process from BDR to team lead to manager (05:38)
    • Think big picture and become invaluable to the company (06:38)
  • How a team member becomes invaluable to the team (07:45)
    • Complement skills and strengths (09:09)
  • How to best work with higher ups and show how you’re invaluable (09:27)
  • Getting the information you need to come to meetings prepared (10:46)
  • The challenges of getting things together and solving issues (13:07)
  • Turning data into information and then into a process (14:00)
  • Training the team to execute the processes (16:17)
    • The importance of surveys in data-gathering (17:37)
  • Alignment is key (18:20)
    • Meeting to pipeline to closed deals (19:56)
  • Supporting your team members’ career paths: a give and take mentality (20:27)
    • Don’t define yourself with what’s in place today (21:50)
    • A mentorship program (23:16)
  • Working in-office and the cross-collaboration (23:51)
  • The next fun things for Cecilia (24:58)
    • The next step in the career (26:20)
  • Getting in touch with Cecilia Frye (27:47)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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