With the plethora of data available to help Sales Development teams talk to the right people at the right accounts at the right time, where do you begin in sorting and prioritizing this data?

Tim Royston-Webb has spent his career working on this very problem. Now with HG Insights, Tim has set out to understand how to structure data in a way that is more relevant and lucrative for Sales Development Leaders and Reps. 

How can data make you more efficient and effective in your prospecting? Listen to this one! 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “What marketers and sales love to do is they love to be able to segment size and really
                        compare and contrast different companies against each other to prioritize them
                        and understand where they should focus.”

                                                            – Tim Royston-Webb

“If you didn’t operationalize that data or if your sales guys don’t use the data that we
                        have to contextualize the discussion, and you don’t use that data in the new
                        campaigns, and you don’t use it to help your messaging, you’re not going to get a
                        realizable benefit. You’re just applying data and overlaying data without any
                        operational gains.”

                                                – Tim Royston-Webb

           Brief Summary

             With the large number of data enrichment tools out there and even larger amount of data, what exactly makes that raw data effective and yield results? According to HG Insight’s Tim Royston-Webb, it’s putting it in a way that slots perfectly into the clients’ systems and processes. And he’s going to tell us all about that in this episode. 

Today’s Guest: Tim Royston-Webb

                         Tim Royston-Webb has worked at multiple marketing intelligence companies. That’s where he saw that companies weren’t addressing the market in the most effective way possible. Since then, he’s been working on delivering well-structured data to clients and activate that data by integrating it to the clients’ process effectively.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • The Tenbound Sales Development Conference 2020 (00:00)
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Tim Royston-Webb (00:48)
  • Tim’s background and how he got into HG Insights (01:56)
    • Focusing an organization on a client’s process to drive impact (02:55)
    • Pivotal IQ and the partnership with HG Data (03:33)
  • Tim’s experiences gave him a true cross-section of market intelligence and data organization (06:16)
  • The first major challenge is looking at first-level data (07:30)
    • Beyond enriching existing data (10:27)
    • The “show me what I don’t know” approach (11:27)
    • The problem of bringing technology solutions to unstructured data (13:25)
    • The challenge of identifying the white space (14:21)
  • What HG does: taking the best, structured data and activating it within a client’s environment (15:08)
  • HG’s desktop as a service as an extra arm to aid clients (16:22)
  • Entering HG’s process: how it works and where to start (21:06)
    • Identification: ICPs, competitors (21:42)
    • Using enrichment and contextualization to best effect (26:08)
    • Companies of all sizes will benefit from HG’s well-structured data foundations (29:40)
  • Post-installment of data: who runs it afterwards (30:22)
  • HG builds the most effective activation tools for each client’s context (35:45)
  • Helping out Tenbound, a six-person company (41:33)
    • First: the absolute need to understand your market and your ICP (42:47)
  • Tim’s frustration in the market and the data available (44:22)
  • The sweet spot is marrying the client’s process with well-structured data (45:55)
  • How to get in touch with Tim and HG Insights (49:32)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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