A few years ago, Bobby Narang had a great career going in sales, and things looked all set. But the entrepreneurial itch kept on him, so he struck out to join the start-up world. 

Using his skills in Sales Dev and business, he’s been able to help grow Opensense to the successful company it is today. And he’s learned a ton of lessons on the way, lessons we can use during this tough time. 

Tune in and learn how your Sales Dev skills can help you launch a successful business today! 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “If all things fail, I can sell and if I can sell, there’s generally going to be
                        opportunities for me in various fields.”

                                                            – Bobby Narang

“Part of my maturation as a professional, but as a human being as well, is really
                        understanding what it means when an opportunity presents itself and not we, as
                        professionals and as human beings, need to really kind of identify them and take
                        advantage of them.”

                                                            – Bobby Narang

“When your whole life is in two suitcases that’s all you need to worry about.”

                                                            – Bobby Narang

 Brief Summary

            So you have a great job, you have good friends, and you built great relationships where you are, but somehow you feel like looking for something more, maybe something different? It’s understandable to have some anxiety around that, but that’s exactly what Bobby Narang did—he uprooted his life from New York to move to San Francisco to start a company.

Today’s Guest: Bobby Narang

                         Bobby Narang was living the life in New York City. He had a well-paying job, he had friends, and he had a girlfriend. But after talking to his now-co-founder Amit Gupta, he packed up and moved to San Francisco to build Opensense. Since then, they’ve serviced a ton of clients, including Salesforce.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • Check out VanillaSoft (00:00)
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Bobby Narang (00:25)
  • How Bobby Narang co-founded Opensense (00:45)
    • At a good company with a good job, but there was a yearning (02:58)
    • Taking the plunge with a selling safety net (04:12)
  • What it was like going from being at the center of the universe and then taking a plunge (05:11)
    • You can’t let potential stay as potential (07:02)
  • From sitting in the comfort zone to risking losing everything to start a company (08:32)
    • Not a lot of consideration for what-ifs (10:22)
  • The why behind Bobby leaving everything behind and moving across the country (11:50)
    • Amit’s unique ability (13:12)
  • Taking an idea from zero to one: the calculus behind the big decision to move (16:20)
  • Walking through day one to the day Opensense started getting traction (18:20)
    • Breaking things with Jam Entertainment (20:32)
    • A business that wasn’t revenue-focused (22:08)
  • Plans on scaling up and hiring more people (24:25)
    • A take-what-you-can-get kind of mentality (25:48)
  • The holy crap moment (28:28)
    • What’s next and the growing pains (30:05)
  • After Salesforce and taking on the guys from Indianapolis (31:42)
    • Winning deals by creating value (32:24)
  • A lot of the jobs now is identifying problems and solving them (36:35)
  • The product’s in use, but the development still continues (37:45)
  • Email will be forever (39:44)
  • David closes the episode and where to reach Bobby Narang (41:40)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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