In recent years, there’s been more focus on something that we all get and most of us need more of: sleep. 

Especially as Sales Development professionals, facing an unprecedented crises, the stress of quota, shaky employment, indifferent prospects and working from home. It can be overwhelming. 

One way to fight back? Sleep! @Jeff Kahn with @Rise Science is an expert in sleep and specially, how it can help salespeople be more productive and more effective. 

If you’re looking for an edge, in life and your career, you have to listen to this one!

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Notable Quotes: 

“One night of good sleep. You get the benefit tomorrow.”

                                                            – Jeff Kahn

“Quite simply, when you don’t get sleep, everything else about how your
                        body functions suffers.”

                                                            – Jeff Kahn

           Brief Summary

             Of all the tools, techniques, and technologies today, how would you react if someone told you that you could improve your performance drastically if you slept more? If you’re skeptical about this, then this episode is for you—we’ll bring you all the science behind it with Jeff Kahn.

Today’s Guest: Jeff Kahn

                        Jeff Kahn was an exhausted engineering grad student when he decided to look into improving his mood. He convinced his now co-founder Leon to take on independent sleep studies with him which brought them to found Rise Science where they help people perform better by sleeping more.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • Check out VanillaSoft (00:00)
  • David welcomes the episode’s guest, Jeff Kahn (00:22)
  • Jeff Kahn, sleep, and Rise Science (01:05)
    • Three groundbreaking ideas (01:45)
    • As a general population, we need more sleep (03:26)
  • It all started with curiosity and a research (04:03)
    • Northwestern performed better with more sleep (04:34)
    • From sports to the pro athletes of the corporate world (05:31)
  • What it looks like to make the science into a business (06:58)
    • Folks just have a lot of wasted time (08:00)
  • The good and the bad behind tracking sleep (09:22)
    • Everyone has a specific number of hours of sleep (10:40)
    • The good and bed behind sleep debt (11:00)
    • Your performance depends on how much you’ve slept in the last two weeks (11:22)
    • Wait an hour and a half after waking up before judging how you feel (12:52)
  • What Jeff says in skeptical boardroom meetings (13:32)
  • Sleep is the number one KPI that dictates your performance (15:45)
    • Prioritize sleep over nutrition 100% (16:40)
  • How managers enable their teams to sleep enough (17:35)
  • Sleep rituals before going to bed (20:48)
    • Two things that matter: sleep debt and your circadian rhythm (21:40)
    • Listen to you sleep window (23:00)
  • Blue light is the culprit for keeping your melatonin levels down (25:10)
  • The morning routine when you wake up: coffee and light (26:45)
  • When you wake up too early and you just can’t go back to sleep even if you want to (28:32)
    • Melatonin is released earlier and earlier (29:32)
  • How the Rise Science app works and how Jeff uses it with corporate clients (29:58)
    • Keep things fun to encourage consistent engagement (31:48)
  • The difference with Pillow and Rise (32:40)
  • Where to reach Jeff Khan (34:33)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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