We have been blessed to learn from one of the true legends of Sales Development on this week’s podcast, Mr Joe Venuti of Sendoso. 

Whether you’re new to Sales Development or an experienced operator, you’ll learn a ton form this episode. Joe’s leadership philosophy, strategic ability and tactical brilliance has carved out his reputation as a superstar. 

Now he’s the inside sales guru behind the rocketship at Sendoso, leading the charge in these uncertain times. This one is can’t miss. 

Big thanks to the team at VanillaSoft and Darryl Praill and for your support of The Sales Development podcast! 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “If you get a good, strong sales development leader in place, they can act as the
                        bridge between [the marketing and sales] teams and drive a lot more

                                                            – Joe Venuti

            “You can’t teach passion. That’s the one thing they have to come with.”

                                                            – Joe Venuti

            “My philosophy is, manage the people, not the number. If you manage to your team, the
                        team will take care of the number.”

                                                            – Joe Venuti

          Brief Summary

            Thinking of new approaches to sales development? Or maybe you just want a fresh, new outlook on how to manage your sales team. Whether you’re an SDR, or a sales development leader, this episode is loaded with a ton of great insight just for you.

Today’s Guest: Joe Venuti

                         Joe Venuti didn’t start out at sales, but he fell in love with it after a particularly sales-y experience. From managing for a contract security company, he is now affiliated with Sendoso as the VP of Inside Sales.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • Check out VanillaSoft (00:00)
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Joe Venuti (00:25)
  • Joe Venuti, how he got into sales, sales development, and Sendoso (00:57)
  • Kris Rudeegraap, CEO of Sendoso (02:58)
  • The decision to move from Boston to Arizona (03:42)
  • What it’s like running the inside sales and sales development programs at Sendoso (04:41)
    • A good leader drives good chemistry between sales and marketing (05:40)
  • Where the sales development head should report (06:15)
  • Sales development as its own entity (06:58)
  • The ultimate goal of a sales development leader (07:52)
  • Sales development leaders would help hold up accountability (08:54)
  • Sales development has hanged to become more than an afterthought (10:15)
  • Fostering respect for SDRs by taking care of them (12:17)
  • Looking beyond what you see on paper (14:40)
  • What to look for in a potential hire: innately caring and passion (15:50)
  • An effective go-to-market engine spells success (16:10)
  • A healthy culture from the top down: everyone pulling in the same direction (17:20)
  • Everyone and everything is done collaboratively (18:30)
  • How sales development leaders should approach plugging in solutions (19:10)
  • The pain points of a VP of sales development (23:08)
  • What Joe likes about his job and being in the industry (25:56)
  • The benefits of staying and growing in sales development (27:30)
  • Manage your people, not the numbers: making sure you genuinely care about the people you lead (28:38)
  • The American Association for Inside Sales Professionals (AAISP) (30:20)
  • Getting in touch with Joe Venuti (31:46)



List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 


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