Aurelien Mottier is CEO and Co-founder at Operatix and the Host of the B2B Revenue Acceleration Podcast. Over the past few years, he has built Operatix into a top provider of Outsourced SDR programs to help companies drive a reliable pipeline, even during this crisis. 

How specifically has he built this successful company from bootstrapping? How does he set up his Sales Development process to deliver results for his clients month after month? And what can you learn from this success? 

Tune in this week to unpack how he’s done this and what you can learn from his experience!

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Notable Quotes: 

            “It just really irks me when people will say selling is a number game. I don’t think it’s a
                        number game. It’s a quality game.”

                                                            – Aurelien Mottier

            “Finding the rough diamonds is tough. Polishing the diamond and putting it on the ring
                        is easy.”

                                                            – Aurelien Mottier on partnering with local channels

            “There is not such a thing as just recruiting partners, sitting back and having the
                        cash coming in.”

                                                            – Aurelien Mottier

Brief Summary

            How exactly do you go from bootstrapping to becoming one of the leading providers of outsourced SDR teams that consistently churn out results? That’s something Aurelien Mottier, CEO of Operatix, has done and is still doing today. Find out how he does it in this episode.

Today’s Guest: Aurelien Mottier

                        Coming from an engineering background, Aurelien Mottier and his business partner built Operatix off a farmhouse. Today, they’re bringing success to the table by accelerating their clients’ sales cycles, upping their clients’ deal values, and closing more contracts.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • Tenbound’s Beta Market Map (00:00)
  • David introduces the guest, Aurelien Mottier (03:15)
  • How Aurelien got into the sales development industry and how he started Operatixs (03:45)
  • Starting out the company with just two people (06:24)
  • Acquiring new clients in the first few months of the company (07:40)
  • Doing client work in the early days with no infrastructure (09:23)
    • Building out a core team (11:18)
    • Everyone’s been through the bottom to the top (12:22)
  • What made the initial clients want to work with Aurelien and his startup (12:58)
  • Giving the startups and scale-ups the shite glove treatment that they deserve (15:17)
  • The pain points that Aurelien’s clients have (16:40)
  • The bottom of the ice bag (19:00)
    • Using the data in an insightful way (19:52)
    • How you build up the formula is what matters (20:17)
  • Who finds the winning formula and how to go about the winning formula (21:00)
  • Generating and transferring the playbook knowledge (22:43)
  • Stickiness and longevity of projects and clients (24:45)
  • High demand for high-quality SDR teams (27:36)
    • It’s about the ability to have conversations (29:16)
  • What to expect and what it’s like if you’re planning to come into the European market (30:37)
    • Choose your region (31:23)
    • Breaking through preconceptions (31:52)
    • Setting expectations with cultural differences is important, but it’s more important to manage your clients themselves (34:37)
    • Ensuring the data is clean and viable (35:56)
  • A more automated approach that works in the US won’t necessarily work in Europe (36:41)
  • Aurelien’s opinion on parterning with local, regional channels (37:25)
    • You’re going to need someone to manage the channel (40:12)
  • Aurelien’s podcast and his company, Operatix (43:13)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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