Recently, many companies have scaled back their Sales Development programs. 

At the same time, there are 1000’s of open SDR jobs on the jobs boards. 

The truth is, whether you’re an aspiring Sales Development leader or entrepreneur, one thing never ends, you need a strong consistent pipeline. 

That means either hiring SDRs or using an Outsourced SDR company. Or both. 

David Kreiger has spent several years perfecting the system at SalesRoads, and offers advice here on how specifically to set up a killer program either in-house or in partnership with an outsourced company, even right now.  

This is a must listen in today’s environment. 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “I think all great high-performing sales organizations do have regular coaching, you
                        have regular huddles and you’re checking in, you’re giving [SDRs] the support,
                        but you’re not walking around and leaning over their shoulder, making sure
                        they’re doing their dials or making sure that they are not talking to their friends
                        across the cubicle and things like that. That just destroys a culture in a
                        centralized environment and in a remote culture as well.”

                                                            – David Kreiger           

Brief Summary

             In these trying times, many companies have scaled back their sales development programs at the same time sales development job postings have been flooding. What does it mean to work as a remote SDR, and how do you manage your SDR team remotely?

Today’s Guest: David Kreiger

                         After getting his MBA from Wharton, David Kreiger set out to become something he always aimed to be: an entrepreneur. With his passion for building and creating new things, he has built SalesRoad—one of the most successful SDR outsourcing companies there is.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • Tenbound’s Market Map Beta (00:00)
  • David introduces the guest, David Kreiger (03:12)
  • SalesRoads and the outsourcing industry (03:38)
    • A 100% remote, work from home company (05:10)
  • Support, training, and good processes (05:58)
    • Having regular coachings, huddles, and check-ins (07:00)
  • Letting the sales extroverts feel the human contact despite working remotely (07:23)
    • Creating deep friendships in a remote environment (09:00)
    • Most companies check in on their remote employees multiple times a day—and David Kreiger promotes the opposite (11:10)
  • Instead of micromanaging, coaches that manage teams (12:58)
  • Coaches hold everyone accountable (14:22)
  • How to recruit the top people for the jobs (15:12)
  • Finding people who perform well in remote environments (16:47)
    • Look at culture first (17:55)
    • Leverage the reference check (18:42)
  • How people adapt to new clients, products, and services (19:58)
  • Knowing exactly what a discovery call needs (22:44)
  • How early does SalesRoads engage with the clients? (23:12)
  • It does have to be B2B (25:58)
  • The vast majority of the work is sales development work (26:58)
  • Choosing entrepreneurship over the golden handcuffs (27:44)
    • Entrepreneurship can provide the most value in these times (29:22)
  • How to get in touch with David Kreiger (30:10)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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