The Sales Development Podcast

Episode 140: Lisa Sharapata

The single largest time waster in Sales Development? 

Sorting through unstructured data. 

Sifting through names, trying to find the right person to contact, then trying to find contact information, then figuring out what to say if you do contact them… 

After spending all the time you haven’t even gotten to the toughest part of the job, reaching out and talking with prospects. 

What if you could flip a switch and have your database prioritized and sorted so you could just jump to the contact step?  

Lisa Sharapata at 6sense spends her days figuring out how to make that happen. In face, 6sense recently had a campaign stating BDRs are a BFD, because they are focused on helping speed up the effectiveness of the SDR/ BDR team. 

Listen as we dive in to how to do it! 

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