Have you ever bought something Amazon recommends? If so, you’re not alone. Amazon sees a 30% sales increase from psychographic-driven recommendations.

How about NetFlix or Spotify Discover? NetFlix attributes over $1B in retention to psychographic content suggestions and Spotify delivers 31% of its music based on psychographics.

These are multibillion-dollar businesses using psychographics every day to deliver valuable goods and services that you, the consumer, want and need.

How do you use that in Sales Development to land more meetings and build more pipeline? 

Join our guest this week Matt Belkin as he dives into how he does that using psychographics at Growflare! 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “The best way I know how to figure out [what’s wrong] is just to put myself right in
                        the middle of the problem.”

                                                            – Matt Belkin

Brief Summary

             Have you ever wished you could just have one good lead and have it give you a ton of other good leads just like it? Like how you find a nice song on Spotify and have it suggest a ton of other good songs just like the one you were just listening to?

            Well, wait no more, because GrowFlare’s out here to do just that for you.

Today’s Guest: Matt Belkin

                         Matt Belkin is an executive with a passion for growing businesses—in fact, he built and scaled a number of businesses to billion-dollar valuations. Now, he created GrowFlare, a service that answers one of the biggest recurring problems he often saw in the companies he’s worked with.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • The beta version of the sales development market map (00:15)
  • David welcomes the episode’s guest, Matt Belkin (03:13)
  • Matt Belkin’s path to sales development and the origins of GrowFlare (03:55)
  • The next step after being thrown into sales development (07:30)
    • Putting yourself into the problem in order to solve it (08:02)
    • A funnel filled with non-prospects (10:00)
  • Defining success and defining what success was not (11:25)
  • SDRs handling both inbound and outbound leads (13:13)
  • Filtering the list of inbound leads (14:12)
  • The first step to empowering the SDR’s and helping them prioritize (15:55)
    • Work backwards from what success looks like (16:16)
  • Deciding which personas and which pain points to focus on (18:33)
    • Embracing digital transformation as a theme (20:00)
    • Know fast with open-ended questions (20:56)
  • Seeing macro trends and incorporating it into a process (21:18)
  • Actually building out a process while equipped with information (23:18)
    • Psychographics: pain points, wants, and interests (24:25)
    • Turning psychographics to B2B (26:32)
    • Using artificial intelligence to find out wants and needs (28:10)
  • Using the principle behind Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon suggestions on B2B (29:08)
  • A day in the life of and SDR who uses GrowFlare to prioritize (31:52)
  • Building credibility and making sure it’s relevant (33:55)
  • Is there a certain size threshold to be able to plug in the psychographics with GrowFlare? (36:37)
  • Optimizing leads and refining them even more (39:52)
  • Plug and play: GrowFlare will prioritize your leads for you (43:20)
  • The next step to getting GrowFlare out there (44:35)
  • Try out GrowFlare (45:52)
  • David closes the episode (46:30)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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