After working with countless top performing companies as a senior consultant with McKinsey & Company, Greg Tapper noticed a pattern: 

Large established companies could afford to use data science applied to solving their toughest problems, but smaller companies with smaller budgets could not, and were thus losing out on the amazing opportunities afforded their competitors. 

His solution: Data-Science-as-a-Service and his new firm, Pattern AI. What if you could apply big data analytics to sort out your total addressable market, your top personas, and your message? Instead of spending hours pouring over lists and purifying your data, let the machines do it. 

Listen in as Greg goes through his process for doing this and how you can apply this to your Sales Development strategy! 

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Notable Quotes:  

            “The reality is that 99% of the market. And there are 36 million companies.
                        United States, millions of millions of companies just will not in the next
                        five, 10 years have access to data science capabilities, and someone’s going
                        to have to bring that to them.”

                                                            – Greg Tapper           

Brief Summary

            As time goes on, more and more solutions are coming up to make sales easier for us. Some of these solutions are not so new—they’re just applied in a new way that can completely revolutionize the processes we currently have. Two of those solutions are data science and AI.

Today’s Guest: Greg Tapper

                         Greg Tapper worked in the tech and sales arena for a while until he set up his own company, which he sold to Sajan, Inc. He became McKinsey’s senior go-to-market expert for a couple of years before he started another company this year, Pattern AI.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David welcomes the episode’s guest, Greg Tapper (00:40)
  • Greg Tapper, go-to-market consulting, and Pattern AI (01:15)
    • Machine learning and data science (03:21)
  • Applying go-to-market strategies to approach data science as a service (04:44)
    • Data science engines or machine-learning engines (07:12)
    • Determining ICP through machine learning (08:40)
    • Propensity models (08:54)
  • The traditional way of solving your ICP and how AI can change it (09:21)
    • Use machine learning to filter through as many variables as you want (12:35)
  • Automatically update your ICP’s in a sophisticated manner (14:09)
    • Do a proper segmentation analysis (16:33)
    • Put it in a box and make it easy for people to do (19:18)
  • So, who owns the creation of the ICP’s? (20:00)
    • Who do you sell to, what do they care about, and how do you sell to them? (21:44)
    • The real promise of SaaS (22:54)
    • You pay for insights and machine learning capabilities (24:36)
    • AI won’t replace jobs, it just gives you a spectrum of possibilities (26:27)
  • Prioritizing go-to-markets with AI technology (27:27)
  • Changing the minds of traditional-minded sales professionals to be open to new concepts and possibilities (32:13)
  • Bringing sophisticated within the reach of smaller companies (36:30)
  • The sky’s the limit, the technology is limited by creativity (39:48)
  • David closes the episode and where to get in touch with Greg Tapper and Pattern AI (42:33)
  • AI will reach everywhere, embrace technology (44:44)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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