Sales Development can lead a myriad of interesting career opportunities. 

One of the most unique we’ve seen on the show has been @Lisa Schnare, who’s skills brought her to lead a successful team, to open a new outpost, and now to working with start-ups in Halifax, Canada. 

Listen in this week as Lisa describes how her Sales Development success has led to a variety of fascinating options and adventures. A must listen for up-and-coming Sales Dev professionals. 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “If you’re just doing activity and not tracking anything, how are you ever
                        going to know what’s successful?”

                                                            – Lisa Schnare         

Brief Summary

             Where do you think your sales development career would take you in the long run? A multitude of career opportunities, that’s what. Today, we’re joined by Lisa Schnare who’s been in the sales space helping companies in lead generation and sales processes on top of hiring, training, and even coaching.

Today’s Guest: Lisa Schnare

                         Lisa Schnare has worked in the sales space from 2011 when she worked at Radian6 shortly after being acquired by SalesForce. Today, she founded her own consulting firm, Impulsion, where they help grow early-stage startups.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces this episode’s guest, Lisa Schnare (00:40)
  • Influitive and how Lisa got into sales development (01:38)
    • Two hats at Influitive in Halifax (02:38)
  • Radian6 and social media monitoring (03:54)
  • The value prop of social media monitoring (04:45)
    • The idea of fear selling (05:50)
  • Are there tools other than Radian6 (06:26)
  • Influitive: the white glove, VIP experience (08:02)
  • A learning opportunity for the SDR (09:48)
  • The approach to starting outbound sales (10:50)
    • The biggest value points are team one-on-ones (13:34)
  • Start where you are and make it simple (17:15)
    • Please put agenda items in your calendar meetings (19:14)
    • Spice up the agenda so it doesn’t get stale (20:20)
  • How to keep structure in this structureless world (21:10)
    • Drawing the line between looking at what people are doing and being a stalker (22:00)
    • Keeping the coaching over remote working (23:10)
    • Make sure you’re communicating but not just about work (24:12)
  • How to remotely handle team members with problems (24:40)
    • “How do you think I think you’re doing?” (25:47)
  • What to say to all the different reasons why their numbers are going down (26:38)
    • Territory for a day coaching (27:06)
  • Building up credibility by knowing what you’re doing (28:00)
  • Dealing with making mistakes during coaching (30:10)
  • The best SDR’s are well-balanced to avoid burnout (31:18)
  • Rejection therapy (33:20)
  • Balancing customizing messages and reaching enough people (35:55)
  • Closing remarks and where to get in touch with Lisa Schnare (36:44)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

  • Lisa Schnare
  • LinkedIn
  • Impulsion
  • Influitive
  • Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There
                           by Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton

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