Jon Miller is the preeminent expert in Account Based Everything, including writing the book on Account Based Sales Development. From starting Marketo, to Engagio, and now as CPO of Demandbase, he’s forgotten more than most of us know about the topic. 

This week, we dive into how the Account Based strategy can be applied to driving the pipeline through Sales Development, how Sales Dev Leaders can align their teams and how SDRs can benefit from supporting the strategy. 

This one is gold. 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “My advice is you always, always, always let the sales rep pick the accounts.
                        Because at the end of the day, they should be the quarterback for
                        getting into these deals.”

                                                            – Jon Miller

        Brief Summary

            You might be wondering how account-based strategies can fit into your context in sales development. You’d be surprised how you can use the account-based strategy to drive your pipeline.

Today’s Guest: Jon Miller

                         Jon Miller was the co-founder of Marketo. He was also the CEO and co-founder of Engagio, which has been acquired by Demandbase, the leading account-based marketing platform where Jon is currently the CPO of.


The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces today’s guest, Jon Miller (00:50)
  • The starting point for account-based marketing (01:10)
    • Why account-based became a trend in the first place (02:42)
    • The changing dynamic between marketing and sales development (04:18)
    • Pick the right accounts (05:30)
    • Be personalized and relevant (06:05)
    • Be multi-channel (06:54)
  • Sorting out accounts that support account-based (07:32)
    • Looking at the deal value, how many accounts should you have? (09:17)
    • Always let the sales rep pick the accounts (11:45)
  • Let sales reps update the lists quarterly (13:24)
  • Who’s in charge of the list? (14:22)
  • Where the sales leaders fit into the system (15:22)
    • Approving reps’ lists (15:55)
  • Does the current org chart need restructuring to better serve the account-based approach? (16:18)
    • Aligning both sales and marketing (17:50)
    • Value in specialization (18:13)
  • Nothing to create, the org chart only needs tweaking (19:20)
    • One best practice: doing stand-ups (20:38)
  • Being ready to catch the big whale accounts (22:18)
    • Marketing Qualified Account: aggregating engagement (24:10)
  • What to do when a good account that isn’t on your list comes in (25:08)
  • Are sign-ups to freemiums considered inbound leads? (26:17)
  • Closing remarks and getting acquainted with Engagio (28:30)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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