Niraj Kapur has trained Salespeople around the world, and over time realized that in the world of business, everyone is in Sales. 

Surprised? It’s actually great news. In this episode, Niraj breaks down how to leverage your Sales Development experience into a successful career by understanding that you can use the Sales skills you’re learning every day. Grit, perseverance, positivity and process orientation will not only help you today, but throughout your career. 

Great tips for career and life!

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Notable Quotes: 

            “Thing that holds [people] back is they think it’s a cost instead of an
                        investment—coaching is always an investment in your future.”

Niraj Kapur

            “You can spend three years learning something yourself, or you can spend
                        three months learning it from a coach”

Niraj Kapur

            “When people have goals, visions, and dreams, it’s so much easier to
                        achieve their sales target.”

Niraj Kapur

“People just don’t see sales as a profession or as something they have to
                        learn. And until they see it as a profession, It’s going to continue
                        having a really bad reputation.”

Niraj Kapur

Brief Summary

            How do you feel about coaching? Is it something you’d invest in? Is it something you would even consider? Take a look at how this salesperson-turned-author-turned-sales training coach owes his success to coaching.

Today’s Guest: Niraj Kapur

Niraj Kapur has 25 years of sales experience under his belt. Having grown greatly at Informa, he now delivers successful sales trainings to a multitude of companies. He also authored two Amazon best-selling books: Everybody Works in Sales, and The Easy Guide to Sales for Business Owners.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces today’s guest, Niraj Kapur (00:50)
  • How Niraj got into the sales training and coaching industry (01:32)
    • Speaking to clients trumps sitting in meetings (02:21)
  • How Niraj went from being above average to brilliant (02:37)
  • Why some people hesitate to get coaches (03:52)
    • Sales is not treated as a profession in the UK (04:42)
  • One-off trainings don’t work, it should be continuous learning (05:06)
  • How it is working with a coach and how they keep you accountable (05:41)
    • Identify the problem and their causes (05:52)
    • Closing deals isn’t the problem, it’s something else (06:38)
  • What if the management team didn’t provide a process? (07:07)
    • Don’t just read books on sales, study them! (07:37)
    • Have roleplays with your team and feel the pressure (08:17)
  • Learn something in 3 months than in 3 years (08:55)
    • Avoid losing money by avoiding mistakes (09:56)
  • The vision board and why it’s good for you (10:48)
    • The best salespeople are not show-offs (13:04)
  • Look at what successful people are doing (13:17)
  • Using analogies to simplify (14:43)
    • You achieve more with more people (16:02)
    • Coaching your team is the best thing to do (16:54)
  • Will parental view of sales ever change? (17:19)
    • There’s just so much bad selling (18:22)
    • Great people aren’t recognized because of how much bad ones there are (19:22)
  • Take responsibility for sales and raise the standards for sales (19:55)
  • Fitting in writing a book into a busy schedule (21:38)
    • Everywhere in the world, people couldn’t sell (23:03)
    • Successful in selling: storytelling (23:24)
  • The process of penning out an entire book (25:10)
  • Niraj: “My success ins because of coaching.” (26:49)
  • Never considered a business coach and for good reason (28:01)
  • No change after so many years, no growth sets alarm bells (30:30)
  • Why most of Niraj’s one-on-one clients are women (32:17)
    • Men’s egos can’t handle strong women (33:01)
  • What works based on context: why Grant Cardone’s course flopped in the UK (34:04)
  • Closing remarks and getting in touch with Niraj Kapur (36:43)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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  • Everybody Works in Sales

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  • Fanatical Prospecting: The Ultimate Guide to Opening Sales Conversations and Filling the Pipeline by Leveraging Social Selling, Telephone, Email, Text, and Cold Calling
               by Jeb Blount

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  • Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer

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