Taylor Ryan is a specialist in growing companies, working with leaders to determine their ideal customer profile, persona goals and marketing campaigns. 

Learn how the Growth Marketing tactics he uses with his clients can help your Sales Development team drive more meetings and increased pipeline. 

You don’t want to miss this one! 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “You really have to pull every trigger available to you and hit such a broad scope
                        in order to start narrowing down what actually works.”

                                                            – Taylor Ryan

“There wouldn’t be a reason for spam if people never clicked, and never engaged in,
                        never actually bought.”

                                                            – Taylor Ryan

       Brief Summary

             How do you fit the sales and marketing know-how that you know into a different culture? And we don’t mean office culture—we mean a different country. How do you grow a company and generate leads in that context?

            In this episode, Taylor Ryan of Klint Marketing will share his techniques on how to do just that.

Today’s Guest: Taylor Ryan

                         Taylor Ryan has years of marketing and growth experience under his belt. Originally from the US, he is not living in Copenhagen, Denmark as a consultant for start-ups. In 2019, he founded his company, Klint Marketing, a growth-hacking and marketing strategy agency.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces today’s guest, Taylor Ryan (00:38)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark and the career path to Clint Marketing (01:24)
  • Going about the cultural differences and breaking down mindsets (03:13)
    • Going about marketing with hard nose selling (04:00)
  • Email blasting and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (04:31)
  • Jantelagen = disdain for standing out (05:58)
  • Crazy and eccentric are those who make it (06:48)
  • The secondary culture shock of coming back to the life you once left (08:17)
  • Overshadowed by standard-sized companies (09:55)
  • How Clint Marketing got going (10:45)
    • Never meet your heroes (11:15)
  • Understanding the clients and coming up with strategies (14:49)
    • Hitting an existing network (15:50)
  • Going straight to where the end-users congregate (17:32)
    • Making believable accounts to engage (18:22)
    • LinkedIn groups don’t show up in your feed (18:46)
  • How to find groups where people spill their pain points (19:24)
  • The next step after finding the end-users (20:37)
    • Warm up the potential leads first (21:52)
  • Mapping out the outreach process for automation (22:52)
    • Streamlining the process into an art form (24:13)
  • Balancing automation and personalization (25:37)
    • LinkedIn’s algorithm (26:33)
    • LinkedIn promotes sales communication (27:57)
  • Cracking down on the timing (29:58)
    • Spark moment (30:41)
    • Subconscious and direct intentions (32:38)
  • Where to start triangulating people’s concerns and pain points (33:10)
    • Hi-jacking groups (34:44)
  • The push and pull: SDR’s and mini-marketing (35:33)
    • Contextualizing phone calls (38:08)
  • Closing remarks and getting in touch with Taylor Ryan (42:19)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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