With the proliferation of sales tools and services today, it’s becoming increasingly important to coordinate the system in a way that helps Sales Development Representatives achieve their goals. If the pipeline generation is a machine, everyone benefits! 

Mary Grothe has built her business to help facilitate this process. RevOps, the creation a system to unify systems to support these teams, is the speciality of her firm SalesBQ.  

Join us as we discuss her journey from top performing Sales rep, spotting the opportunity of focusing on RevOps, to running a company and making it successful. 

Many learnings along the way you can benefit from. 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “I think feedback from the field up is the way to get the right answer.”

                                                            – Mary Grothe

            “That’s just hiring advice I would have for anyone building out a team, is to go for the
                        compliment, not for replication of who you are.”

                                                            – Mary Grothe

            “To be able to have something different than what I had before I had to do something

                                                            – Mary Grothe 

        Brief Summary

             If you’re a high-performer, how do you bring that same level of energy, quality, and enthusiasm to your entire team? And in the middle of this global pandemic, how do you keep their morale up when times are hard?

Today’s Guest: Mary Grothe

                        A woman of faith, Mary Grothe went from shadowing sales reps, to becoming the company’s number one sales performer, all because of her love for sales. Today, she’s the CEO of her own firm, Sales BQ, where they’re helping companies and organizations double, triple, quadruple their revenues.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David welcomes today’s guest, Mary Grothe (00:40)
  • Sales BQ and Mary’s backstory and how she got into the business (01:06)
    • Falling in love with sales (02:30)
    • From supporting a sales team to becoming the number one sales rep in 30 days (03:15)
    • Mary’s first consulting firm, Butterfly Creative (04:16)
    • Sales BQ (05:00)
  • Unravelling the client’s workload (06:13)
    • It’s not a rip and replace strategy (06:58)
  • Some resistance in the politics as a third-party player (10:22)
    • Identify your ICP—who is you buyer? (10:48)
    • Fact-finding and note-taking (12:31)
  • Being open to outside advice (13:56)
    • Losing out on transformative development (15:04)
    • What was built in two and a half years came crashing down in three days (15:48)
    • Consulting six different business advisors: there’s always more to learn (16:34)
  • Redistributing responsibility for the company’s continued growth (17:40)
    • Drawing strength from faith and scripture (19:38)
    • Fear and doubling down on communication by talking to your own internal people as a feedback loop (20:32)
  • Dealing with frustrations about your people’s performance (23:09)
  • 100’s, 75’s, and 50’s: go for complements not replicas (24:54)
  • How humbling candid feedback is (27:10)
    • Hundred-hour work weeks: what are we living for? (28:28)
    • Doing something different and asking for feedback (29:10)
  • The decisions that we make in the moment (30:00)
  • Avoiding bottlenecks and delegating tasks (31:47)
  • Closing remarks and getting in touch with Mary (33:40)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

  • Mary Grothe
  • LinkedIn | Twitter
  • Sales BQ
  • The Psychology of Selling: How to Sell More, Easier, and Faster than You Ever Thought Possible by Brian Tracy

Get it on Barnes and Noble | Walmart | Amazon

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