Rachel Haley and her firm, Clarus Designs, have made a big splash in the Sales Development community by focusing on a need most programs currently have: streamlining and connecting the various systems plugged in to support an SDR team. 

One look at the Tenbound Market Map and you’ll understand why RevOps has become such a critical component to the success of an Sales Development program. 

Dive in here and learn about how they go about turning a Rube Goldberg machine into high performance SDR powerhouse!  

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Notable Quotes: 

            “It’s actually a strength to know that you need to hire for something that you
                        can’t actually put your full attention towards just as you would hire someone else
                        on your team to do something so you can focus on other elements of your job.”

                                                – Rachel Haley

            “I think as companies expand and grow their processes become more complex and need
                        more operational focus.”

                                                – Rachel Haley

Brief Summary

             In this episode, David invites Rachel Haley to talk about one of the itches that a lot of companies have: streamlining and optimizing their processes. Rachel will walk us through what she and her firm, Clarus Designs, do to solve these problems.

Today’s Guest: Rachel Haley

                         Rachel Haley is a highly effective consultant with a strong background in finance and sales. She co-founded Clarus Designs in 2015 where they provide various services to cater to a growing company’s sales needs.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces Rachel Haley (00:33)
  • How Rachel got into consulting and how Clarus Designs came to be (1:20)
  • The 3-pillar approach of Clarus Designs (03:15)
    • Growing an outsourcing team that helps AE’s, SDR’s, and BDR’s (04:00)
  • When and where to start thinking about streamlining your internal processes (05:08)
    • Step back, don’t look at the process, and start over (07:33)
  • The mental tenacity to see the forest for the trees (08:20)
  • Getting around the fear and potential stigma of hiring a consultant (09:18)
  • Silos and communication: making sure everybody’s on the same page (11:40)
    • Tiger teams and valuing perspectives (12:35)
  • When a company should consider getting a RevOps professional (14:25)
    • Hiring the leader first (15:38)
    • Forward thinking and strategic vs. tactical and reactive (16:00)
  • The logic behind adding an outsourced component at Clarus Designs and their benefits (16:55)
  • Setting up the outsourced component and mimicking the SDR processes (19:32)
  • How Clarus Designs ensures the quality of the information being extracted (21:30)
  • How Rachel and Clarus Designs keep the clients happy (23:38)
  • Closing remarks (25:18)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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