As an Outsourced SDR company you must make demanding clients happy day-in and day-out. It’s a relentless machine that needs to be kept well-oiled at all times. 

Bryan Whittington runs his company like a fine watch at EBS/Growth, and walks us through lessons he’s learned in working with countless clients on how to drive more appointments and pipeline using modern Sales Development tactics. 

This one is gold for anyone running a high performance Sales Development program! 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “Entrepreneurship is really one of the most positively impactful things for the

                                                            – Bryan Whittington

            “…what we ended up discovering is not only do they need to have that mindset, that
                        growth mindset, but they also need to have that take action because if they need to 
                        be micromanaged, if they have to be watched, if they have to have their hand held,
                        if they can’t problem-solve on their own, they are ineffective in this remote

                                                            – Bryan Whittington

                 Brief Summary

            Today we’re taking a peek at the inner machinations of an outsourced SDR company—the logic and processes behind hiring, to growing sales, to scaling the business—and how they keep their clients happy.

Today’s Guest: Bryan Whittington

                        Bryan Whittington is the founder and CEO of EBS/Growth. A decorated veteran and air force pilot, Bryan built EBS/Growth to help and support entrepreneurs grow their businesses because he believes that entrepreneurship is one of the most positively impactful things for any community.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces this episode’s guest, Bryan Whittington (00:40)
  • How Bryan and his company are producing results amid the pandemic (01:50)
    • Figuring out their hiring practices (02:30)
    • Knowing what to say, how to say, and when (02:50)
    • Know the numbers and what to do with the numbers (03:12)
  • How the work-from-home set up has changed the company dynamics and how EBS/Growth has adapted (03:50)
  • Four questions to answer whenever you’re onboarding someone (05:30)
  • How to assess that the candidate has reached the next step in the process (06:38)
  • Microlearning and the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve (07:52)
  • Making the best out of the tools on hand (08:36)
  • New hires: is there a profile difference between working remotely versus working in an office? (10:25)
    • The qualities Bryan’s company looks for in building their team (11:45)
  • EBS/Growth’s process and how they assess hires before actually hiring them (13:12)
  • Vetting salespeople who are notoriously good at relationships (15:38)
  • What it’s like seeing the three different parts of the entire process (16:40)
  • Where to start with the messages and lists: focusing on methodology (19:33)
  • Knowing your numbers and keeping an eye on the reports to make the right adjustments (22:43)
  • Setting benchmarks and catering to the client’s industry needs (26:25)
  • The steps to take when things go in the red (27:50)
  • The building blocks of data for someone just starting out (30:40)
  • Putting the right people and specializing a team (32:20)
  • Taking over the entire sales process—not just sales development (33:33)
  • Closing remarks (35:50)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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  • Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

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  • Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck

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