You’re probably heard of RevGenius by now, and may even be a member. How has this community taken on so many members in such a short time? 

Galem Girmay joins us this week on The Sales Development Podcast to talk about her journey co-founding the community, how it helps its members, and what you can do to contribute and gain value from joining a community. 

If you’ve been following this trend and are interested in the background of communities, this one’s for you!

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Notable Quotes: 

            “I didn’t know what to anticipate. I had no idea what the relationship between marketing
                        and sales could look like.”
-on Galem’s first impression of sales

            “I think the biggest thing anyone would think about when you’re building a community
                        on specialty content is you want to be known on the internet.”

Brief Summary

            Have you ever felt the frustration of needing information on specific sales events, but you just can’t remember where or which site you’ve seen the ad for it? Today’s guest, Galem Girmay, is no stranger to that frustration, which is why she co-founded RevGenius, a community where they make information conveniently accessible for salespeople like you.

Today’s Guest: Galem Girmay

            Galem Girmay first started out working in recruitment and human resources while she was in college at Babson. After graduating, she kickstarted her sales career at

Flywire. Now, she has co-founded RevGenius with Jared Robin where they aim to educate, inspire, and empower anyone in revenue-generating professions.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • The story behind how Galem Girmay first stepped into sales with Flywire (01:45)
  • Galem’s initial experience in sales and how it turned out to be (04:55)
  • The steps Galem took to get comfortable in sales and settle into the profession (06:45)
  • Third time’s the charm: why and how Galem got into Babson College (08:12)
    • Making the move from Sweden to the US (09:53)
  • Born from frustrations: how RevGenius came to be with Galem as co-founder (12:40)
  • The beginning of the community and the boom of conversations on LinkedIn (15:40)
  • Narrowing down the 500 different community ideas to a handful of specific ideas: educate, inspire, and empower (16:30)
  • Where to start if you’re looking to join and participate in the RevGenius community (17:45)
  • RevGenius Mag: what it is and what it does (19:30)
  • Organizing the mess of Slack into the RevGenius website (21:35)
  • What’s in store for RevGenius: round table discussions, mentorship programs, a book club, podcast (23:35)
  • Connect with Galem and the RevGenius community (25:30)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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