Through her career Megan Heuer has forged a path to become a renowned expert on modern Marketing and Go-to-Market strategy. 

From leading the research team at SiriusDecisions, to running her own business as a highly sought after consultant, she brings a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to this topic that is unmatched.

We are lucky enough to dive deep with Meg on various topics such as Account Based everything, how SDRs can thrive in conjunction with marketing, research and advisory services in today’s market, leveraging the powerful concept of online communities, and much more. 

You’ll not want to miss this one! 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “It really just comes down to if you can write and you can think, and you can ask good
                        questions. You can do anything.”

     – Megan Heuer

            “If you’re a good marketer, you gotta be a good storyteller and you gotta be able to take
                        pieces from all over the place and integrate them together into something that
                        makes sense—but also something that speaks to people.”

        – Megan Heuer

            “That’s at the heart of an account-based model—it starts with ‘who.’”

         – Megan Heuer

            “Our best days are ahead of us, for sure.”

       – Megan Heuer

Brief Summary

             Whichever way you look at it, there’s a ton of ways to go about growing your business. You can focus on the products that you sell, streamline your internal sales and marketing processes, or zero in even more on your target market.

            Today we have a growth leader with more than 20 years of experience under her belt to give us an insight about growing B2B’s…starting with account-based sales development.

Today’s Guest: Megan Heuer

                        Megan Heuer is a leading industry expert on modern marketing. With 20 years’ of experience under her belt, she started as a business research analyst at SiriusDecisions, and is now the principal of her own company, HeuerB2B.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces today’s guest, Megan Heuer (00:43)
  • How Megan got involved in analyst teams and entire marketing departments (01:28)
    • Convinced she’ll become a journalist (01:41)
    • Megan’s love for telling stories (02:41)
    • Back to school for professional qualifications (03:43)
  • Journalism skills are highly applicable in marketing (06:25)
    • B2B moving towards marketing with humanity (07:05)
  • What is account-based marketing and where it fits in (07:40)
    • A defined universe will get value (09:20)
    • The math problem piece (09:50)
    • The personality test (10:38)
  • Where to start when you want to clean up your accounts list (11:45)
    • Layering intent data on top of the top 100 list (15:05)
    • Narrowing down the list based on firmographics (15:27)
  • The org chart, the different silos, and how they’re not collaborating (16:17)
    • Getting Marketing a seat at the table (17:50)
  • Aligning your company to the customer’s experience (20:25)
    • Leave space for innovation (21:05)
  • Where to start to map out the customer journey (22:43)
    • Decide how in-depth you want to be (23:30)
    • Insights in the customer journey (24:55)
  • Switching team goals to be more aligned (26:53)
  • Equipping the SDR’s with what they need to know (29:13)
  • The relevance of SiriusDecisions’ business model (31:35)
    • Hiring only practitioners (35:30)
  • Bringing passion and up-leveling the profession (37:23)
  • Expanding your reach with technological transformation (39:00)
    • Product-led growth movement
    • Show your customers some love
    • Keep your employees happy
    • Buyer/Customer journey
  • Getting in touch with Megan Heuer (40:52)

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