You can look at Sales Development as a tough, endless grind, where each day you face non-stop rejection, upset prospects and lack of support. Or you can look at it like a learning experience, where your contribution to the company really makes a difference and you have a chance to hone your selling skills every day as you move up the ranks. It’s all about perception.

JC Otero has mastered the abundance mindset, where challenges are welcome, setbacks are chance to learn, and motivation comes from within. He is a student of personal development, and it’s catapulted his career in Sales Development.

Listen as we dissect how to shift your mentality from scarcity to abundance, and crush your goals like never before! 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “You need to know where you’re going next, because if you don’t know where
                        you’re going, you can’t put the things in place to work towards that.”

                                                            – JC Otero

            “I found that the most successful people are also sometimes the most
                        supportive and helpful people because you know, success begets success.”

                                                            – JC Otero

“Always be ready, so you don’t have to get ready.”

                                                            – JC Otero

“Just let go of other people’s expectations—whether it’s our parents, our
                        friends—because it’s not their life, it’s our life. And we need to embrace that
                        opportunity that we create.”

                                                            – JC Otero

 Brief Summary

             How do you approach your sales development career in a self-development perspective? What drives and motivates you to take the initiative and take that first step towards your goals?

            JC Otero has mapped out his own career and has done everything he can to get one step closer to his goals. He’ll tell us about how his mindset works and how it has helped him to get where he is today.

Today’s Guest:

                         JC Otero has worked in sales, marketing, operation, and management across different companies including Dell and Wells Fargo. Today, he leads a team that helps build sales development organizations.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces the episode’s guest, JC Otero (00:38)
  • JC Otero’s path to sales development to managing his own team at Informatica (01:10)
    • From a director role to an individual contributor role (01:50)
  • How to get into a managerial position and how to be successful at it (02:36)
    • Know where you want to be so you know how to work towards it (03:38)
    • Know what drives you and know what the decision makers are looking for (04:35)
    • Be proactive in developing your leadership capabilities (04:53)
  • What made JC choose to work towards a leadership role over being a sales rep (05:20)
  • JC’s previous sales experience helps with running his SDR team (07:19)
  • The pros and cons of having career SDR’s (09:06)
  • Success: progressive movement towards a worthy ideal (11:47)
  • Recruiting and finding people that fit into JC’s program (13:42)
    • Sales experience is not a requirement (14:42)
    • Aptitude and attitude (15:08)
    • Action-oriented, ask questions, attention to detail, and articulate (16:30)
  • Success begets success: reach out to successful people (18:58)
  • The process of getting a diamond in the rough up to speed with sales (20:40)
    • Set expectations (21:08)
    • A mentorship relationship (21:50)
    • Practical application and anticipation training (22:32)
  • How to effectively scale up roleplays and coaching (24:05)
    • Leveraging video recordings (25:14)
  • Approaching negative feedback (27:08)
    • Don’t get defensive, make it into a collaborative thing (28:35)
    • Hold everyone accountable (29:28)
  • Don’t be afraid to have the tough conversations (30:14)
    • Experiencing discomfort expands your comfort zone (31:48)
  • Keeping your ego in check and holding your ground (32:28)
    • “Let your reputation precede your introduction.” (33:16)
    • Take the higher ground: reframing your mindset to see a different perspective (34:43)
  • Where to take the first steps toward personal development (35:48)
    • What do you want people to remember you as? (37:21)
    • Don’t put too much on your plate (38:03)
    • Map out your plans and create a learning development plan (39:02)
  • Taking ownership of ourselves and taking the initiative for ourselves (39:50)
  • When a diamond in the rough turns out to be the opposite of one (41:50)
  • The approach to people who don’t know what their why is yet (45:10)
    • Don’t just talk about it, be about it. (47:15)
    • A misalignment of who people are, the life they’re experiencing, and who they want to be (48:00)
  • Just let go of people’s expectations (49:18)
  • Closing remarks and how to get in touch with JC Otero (52:33)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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