Lee Gladish is CEO of AirborneApp, the first custom built Sales Engagement Platform for outsourced SDR agencies, and a serial entrepreneur with several wins under his belt. 

In working with countless agencies, Lee has seen how effective they can be, and has picked up the tips and tactics necessary to achieve massive results. He’s also seen the challenges and the “don’ts”; what not to do in working with these firms, so you can avoid those situations. 

Does your pipeline need a boost going into the new year? 

Listen to this! 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “I think the transition that really helped me the most was really focusing on everything
                        outside of building a company and scaling and products and getting customers
                        and revenue. For me, what I’ve really realized recently, it’s all about what’s your
                        vision and your mission and your values and having your staff understand that
                        and be able to recite it and know it and believe it.”

                                                            – Lee Gladish

Brief Summary

            In today’s current situation, outsourced SDR agencies have seen a rise in popularity—understandably so, what with everyone needing to work remotely. And if you’re working for an outsourced SR agency, how do you cope with the sudden boom in workload? Lee Gladish, co-founder and CEO of Airborne app might just have the solution for you.

Today’s Guest: Lee Gladish

                         Lee Gladish has worked with start ups in sales and leadership roles. He has worked and developed in-house and outsource SDR teams. With that experience under his belt, he saw the pros and cons of each and has now co-founded and developed Airborne app, a tool that makes SDR teams’ lives easier.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Lee Gladish (00:40)
  • Lee Gladish and starting Airborne (01:03)
  • Entrepreneurs: are they born or are they made (02:40)
  • Everyone has a little bit of Michael Scott in them (05:20)
    • The transition into entrepreneurship that helped Lee the most (05:35)
  • Airborne, its mission, and the problems it solves (07:08)
  • Strategizing with in-house SDR teams and outsourced SDR teams (09:57)
  • The advantages of having an in-house team (12:30)
  • Integrating in-house and outsourced SDR teams and hybridizing the sales development programs (14:50)
  • How to go have that first conversation about hybridizing outsourced you’re your current in-house SDR teams (17:40)
  • Lee’s vetting process on which outsource companies to choose (19:34)
    • Find the gaps the outsource agency will fill for you (21:08)
    • Don’t get sold by the front man (21:56)
  • Red flags to watch out for in the first 90 days of engagement (22:38)
  • Back-sharing information and other intelligence gathered (25:14)
  • Losing the socialization with Covid and turning to the set-up agencies (28:20)
  • How to best get in touch with Lee and the Airborne app (30:53)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode

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