Brandon Fong is on a mission to change the global conversation around what “success” means for an entire generation of entrepreneurs through my newest brand, 7-Figure Millennials. 

Brandon crawled his way up from government assistance to become a successful entrepreneur, and comes on to share his wisdom on how to use your own intrinsic motivation to drive your own success. And discuss what success actually means. 

He has also developed a foolproof system for gaining new clients he shares with us exclusively on The Sales Development Podcast. 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “I’m on a mission right now to change the global conversation about what success means for an entire generation of entrepreneurs, because I think it needs all those components to be considered success.”

                                                            – Brandon Fong

“What I think lots of people lose sight of is that the end of the day, nobody is buying a product. Nobody is buying a service. They’re not buying that. What they’re buying is a result. So it’s more about the languaging of the irresistible offer.”
                                                            – Brandon Fong   

Brief Summary

            In today’s society, when you ask someone what success is, they’ll probably tell you this: a high-paying job, bi-annual vacations overseas, the most luxurious car Porsche has to offer. In this episode, we’re talking to digital marketer, coach, and expert copywriter, Brandon Fong about what success should really look like and how you can take your first few steps towards it.

Today’s Guest: Brandon Fong

                         Brandon Fong went from needing government assistance to becoming a successful entrepreneur—and it didn’t happen overnight. He’s built upon his connections, his networks, and his courage to go try out his ideas, however crazy they may seem. Apart from being a coach and entrepreneur, he has also authored two books, Leverage and The Magic Connection Method.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Brandon Fong (00:40)
  • Brandon Fong, digital marketing, and his two books (01:30)
    • How his parents taught him the power of connection (03:18)
    • The email that changed his life (03:50)
    • The 7-figure millennial group (05:18)
  • Brandon’s process behind finding a mentor and joining their circle (06:00)
    • The magic connection method (07:14)
    • The hook, the irresistible offer, and the no-oriented question (08:00)
    • The difference between an offer and an irresistible offer (10:10)
    • No’s feel more secure and are easier to give (13:18)
  • How to give an irresistible offer when you don’t own the company (15:08)
  • Looking at your emails from the receiver’s perspective (17:05)
  • Bridging the knowledge gap of veterans in the industry (17:45)
    • Create as much clarity as you can (19:20)
    • Have conversations from a sales perspective (19:45)
  • Running the experiments of which messaging works and which doesn’t (21:40)
    • Testing the biggest possible wins (24:00)
  • What to do if none of the experiments runs are working (24:18)
    • The messaging and the offer (25:00)
  • Examples of the no-oriented questions (26:35)
  • What else Brandon Fong is up to (28:35)
  • Where to get a hold of Brandon Fong (33:08)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode

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