Over the course of many years, Martyn Lewis began noticing a pattern in how B2B customers buy, and why they don’t. 

He then mapped out that “DNA” sequence and documented it in his book by the same name. 

On this week’s show he shares with us how he mapped that process, what he learned from it and how it can help you in our prospecting and sales efforts. We do a deep dive so you can learn as well. 

This is a great one! 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “Buyers are buying very differently today than they did 10, 20 years ago. It doesn’t matter who’s buying what, doesn’t matter if you’re buying a multi-million-dollar capital asset, or if you’re buying a camera for your personal use. It doesn’t matter who’s buying, what’s being bought. Buyers are buying differently and that’s thanks to a number of things.”

                                                            – Martyn Lewis

“We define the market as a series of buyers that buy in a similar way. What do I mean by similar way? That’s the DNA. It means that they’re buying for a similar reason, they’re going to engage in similar activities. They’re going to do different things. They’re going to be looking for similar things and they’re going to get hung up. Their anxieties, their concerns are going to be similar. So if you can decode the DNA of your market, you can predict how they’re going to buy.”

                                                            – Martyn Lewis

     Brief Summary

            If you had to interview your customer’s customer, what do you think you’d find out? That was what Martyn Lewis had to do, and he and his company were quite surprised with what they found out—buyers buy differently than they did before ten, twenty years ago.

            And because of that, we in the sales and sales development space need to step up our game and match our buyers in their buying journeys.

Today’s Guest: Martyn Lewis

                        With forty years’ worth of successful sales and marketing experience, Martyn Lewis has reframed how companies need to think about how they think about their buyers. After interviewing more than 2000 of his clients’ buyers, Martyn has found out how to approach buyers in their buying journeys.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Martyn Lewis (00:58)
  • Martyn Lewis, Market Partners, and How Customers Buy and Why They Don’t (01:10)
  • Discovering unexpected buyer behaviors and how it changed the sales process (03:55)
  • What we should be doing differently in this advent of technology (05:58)
    • A market is a series of buyers that buy in a similar way (06:38)
  • Buyers’ concerns are what stop them from buying (08:08)
  • Addressing more than the 10% of your buyers’ concerns (10:26)
    • Focusing on how we can be of help to the buyer (11:28)
  • Starting the research on the buyer’s journey (12:38)
  • Balancing the prospecting and finding out where the buyer is in their journey (14:46)
  • Gaining power and control (17:30)
  • Meeting with a buyer? Send in the questions before the call (19:44)
  • Precision marketing: when you’ve decoded the buyer journey (21:08)
  • Why buyers would not buy (23:05)
  • Where to get in touch with Martyn Lewis (24:55)



List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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