You know about Software-as-a-Service, where you pay as you go and you can drop the subscription at any time if you’re not happy with it. 20 years ago this was a revolutionary concept, and today it’s very familiar and recognized.

But do you know about Value as a Service?

Rob Bernshteyn Coupa Software CEO & Chairman, Board Member and Author at has written an entire book on it.

This concept takes it to the next level, where, no matter what you’re selling, be it software or otherwise, you are continuously demonstrating your value to the customer throughout the lifetime of the relationship.

Value as a Service requires a deep knowledge of the customer’s problems, how you’re helping specifically solve them, and how you continuously demonstrate that value.

Our guest this week, Chandar Pattabhiram, CMO of Coupa, dives deeply into how we can implement this within our Sales Development programs, within our companies and within our lives in general.

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Notable Quotes: 

“Careers are at the intersection of passion and DNA. And I realized that my passion and DNA, where they intersect, is in high-tech marketing.” 

– Chandar Pattabhiram

“It’s that shift in mindset from going and saying, ‘I’m selling features and capability,’ to, ‘What I’m ultimately offering and delivering is value.’ And when I say value, it’s meaningful, measurable value at every step of the journey with the customer.”
– Chandar Pattabhiram

“Part of this culture we talked about in delivering this value is the mindset is to support employees—not to manage them. So if you really think about it, a manager’s job is not directing or managing an employee, but supporting and eliminating hurdles and showcasing that success.”

– Chandar Pattabhiram

Brief Summary

When you’ve been so used to focusing on customer success, do you ever stop and think for a second about customer satisfaction? Because a lot of us forget that customer success doesn’t necessarily equate to customer satisfaction. 

Good thing Coupa CMO, Chandar Pattabhiram is on the show today to remind us to be more than just vendors and become partners to our customers and making sure they’re happy and satisfied with the value we bring. 

Today’s Guest: Chandar Pattabhiram

Chandar Pattabhiram is a results-driven senior executive that has 25 years of marketing experience under his belt. Having worked for companies like IBM, Marketo, and Gainsight, he was named one of the top ten Most Influential Marketing Leaders in 2019. 

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

    • Check out the Tenbound Sales Development Conference coming up! (00:00)
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Chandar Pattabhiram (01:15) 
  • Chandar Pattabhiram and his journey into sales marketing (01:40) 
  • Value as a Service philosophy at Coupa (03:44) 
    • You’re offering value, not features (04:20)
  • Aligning what success means between the customer and the provider (05:05) 
  • Translating value as a service in other companies (06:48) 
  • Communicating the values into the go-to-market strategies (08:18)
  • Applying the core values in marketing (10:03) 
  • The culture that starts from the bottom, not from the top (10:56) 
  • A flipped-over org chart (12:00) 
  • We should all be up-leveling our game (13:15) 
  • Organizing go-to-market strategies and executing them (14:02) 
  • Competing and standing out in the market (15:40)
  • When your customers are your best salespeople (16:50) 
  • Engaging buyers and buyers who just want to go home at 5pm (17:38)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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