The world has changed radically in the past year. We can order any food on phones to our door, gain expertise from around the world online in seconds, and work from anywhere.  

This change to the B2B world has also led to the rise of Fractional Executives, where you know you need a CFO or CMO but are too early to hire full time, or between phases and need a Senior leader now, not tomorrow. 

Ed Porter has been there and done that, and now shares his wealth of experience with us, as a Fractional CRO. 

Every company needs the R in CRO (revenue) but should you hire a full time person or get the expertise at a “fraction” of the commitment?  

We unpack it here!  

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Notable Quotes: 

“What I like about [my experience working for four different companies selling four different products in four different industries] is I’m able to kind of look at perspective and bring essentially what diversity is, which is bringing in alternate perspectives.” 

– Ed Porter

Brief Summary

If you’re a company contemplating about whether or not to get someone streamlining your revenue generation—say, your very own CRO—but you’ve got some hesitations about things like being the right fit for your company or being the right fit for your organization’s structure, then consider this: a Fractional CRO. 

In this episode of The Sales Development Podcast, we’re diving into the what, how, and why’s of getting a Fractional CRO for you with Ed Porter! 

Today’s Guest: Ed Porter

Ed Porter has a deep passion for aligning revenue organizations from marketing to sales, to enablement, to customer success. He’s currently the Fractional CRO of his company, Blue Chip CRO, where he helps companies drive their revenue growth through coaching and creating strategies that best fit each company’s context. 

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • A short intro to this episode (00:00)
  • Sign up for the Tenbound Sales Development Conference! (02:08) 
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Ed Porter (03:25) 
  • Ed Porter, his inside sales journey, and Blue Chip CRO (04:13) 
  • Different company positions, different perspectives (07:36) 
    • Not getting the point why some companies require SaaS experience (08:08)
    • The value of hiring for diversity (09:08) 
  • The SDR/AE model vs. the full cycle sales (10:18) 
  • The SDR/AE is only in the tech industry (12:38) 
    • The challenge of looking at costs on a broader scale (13:35) 
    • Investing to re-engineer the entire sales process (16:13) 
  • Bigger profit margins in the tech industry (17:15) 
  • The structure and difference between a CRO and a VP of Sales (18:50) 
    • Alignment and the full buyer life cycle (19:52) 
    • Everything the company does should be aligned to the buyer (22:18)
    • Building the culture from the top (23:30) 
  • Where to get started with aligning the organization (25:25) 
    • A big fan of the Mastering the Rockefeller Habits (26:50) 
  • What Ed Porter does when he comes into companies (30:03)
  • Revenue thresholds for the fractional CRO (34:35) 
  • Fractional CRO work: plug and play (38:58) 
  • The importance of understanding the role of the chief sales development officer (42:02) 
  • How to find and get in touch with Ed Porter (45:04) 

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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