As the world has gone digital, online communities have exploded in popularity over the last year. Jacob Peters has set out to create the standard and accepted Community Operating system with his new venture, Commsor. 

In this conversation, we dive deep into Jacob’s entrepreneurial journey, and his ability to bring ideas to concept and ultimately to the market. 

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Notable Quotes: 

“In the past, community was very much thought of as an afterthought or silo or just something that a marketer would maybe do on the side. Most organizations didn’t really have a solid understanding of what community actually meant. And through a series of different conversations, we began to realize this and found that there was opportunity for kind of a new category-defining piece of software within that landscape.”

– Jacob Peters

“For all those listening, if you haven’t thought about community yet as a go-to-market strategy, do some due diligence on your industry. Talk to customers, talk to your personas, understand if there are committees that exist and just do some basic napkin math to understand what the market saturation is because if only 10, 15% of people are in communities, that’s a lot of green space for you to go out and build something.”
– Jacob Peters

“I’ve seen some of the best, most engaged communities run on the crappiest forum software from like 2008, and it doesn’t matter that the tools are lackluster because of the energy and the reason for gathering and the mission and that the movement that people feel like they’re a part of is just so strong.”

– Jacob Peters

Brief Summary

In this day and age filled with ads and filtered photos, people have to come crave authenticity. While not a many can bring that authenticity on the table, some places still can, and those places are called communities—organically grown communities brought together by a common mission, whatever that mission is. Luckily, Jacob Peters joins us in the show today to talk about communities in-depth: what it is, its value, and how we can create our own communities. 

Today’s Guest: Jacob Peters

Jacob Peters is a serial entrepreneur with a background in data science. Accidentally building one of the biggest communities of data science professionals, he discovered a passion for building communities and has since been investing and advising startups that help communities flourish. 


The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • A quick overview of this episode (00:00) 
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Jacob Peters (02:18) 
  • Jacob Peters, building communities, and Commsor (02:43) 
    • When we think about asset management (03:17)
    • The idea of building communities (04:50) 
  • The problems that Jacob Peters faced and how he solved them (06:15) 
    • The two parts of a community experience (06:36) 
  • The different definitions of community across industries (08:45) 
    • Building a community is like building a religion (09:46) 
    • How community was able to propel them to success (11:28) 
  • Community as a new go-to-market strategy (13:30) 
  • How to know if your industry’s crowded with communities (14:58) 
  • Free communities vs. paid communities (16:30) 
    • The cold start problem (18:15) 
    • The principle of time to value (18:53) 
  • Is there a lot of green space in the community? (21:12) 
    • Internal knowledge workers (21:38) 
    • An interesting exercise on thinking about communities (22:23) 
  • Jacob Peters: advice to anyone looking to start a community (23:22) 
    • The reason for gathering should be your North star (23:50) 
    • Building a community takes time—a lot of it (24:22) 
  • Reverse order of operations in traditional sales and marketing playbook (25:20) 
  • Where to find Commsor and its community (26:07) 

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 


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