Moving from SDR to Sales Development Management can be a tough journey. How do you make the jump from rep to leader? 

Dan Ho has made that leap, and has the experience to share on how to avoid pitfalls, drive higher productivity and stay sane while making it happen. 

He also operates in EMEA so brings a different perspective we don’t often hear on the podcast. 

Tune in here! 

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Notable Quotes: 

          “I always thought, you know what? I can’t control what’s on the outside world. What I can control is if I can help my reps sharpen their sword so that when they get through to someone, they are super effective, because then it becomes so much more fun. The job becomes far more fun when you can cold call someone and hold a 20-minute conversation with a C-level prospect.”

                                              – Dan Ho

“Are you, as a rep, adding to your skill set so that you are ready for the next role, whether that’s an AE, marketing, or whatever? Your goal should not be to meet dials for dial’s sake, it’s to make yourself a better professional.”
                                              – Dan Ho      

Brief Summary

When you’ve been working as an account executive, and suddenly your boss tells you that you’re going to stop being an account executive to build a Sales Development team and become a Sales Development manager, that’s not going to be an easy role. Expect a lot of trials-and-errors, a lot of trying out new things, and a lot of juggling leading people while making your own number. In this episode of The Sales Development Podcast, EMEA SDR Manager Dan Ho shares how he handled that transition and how he grew into that role.

Today’s Guest: Dan Ho

                        Dan Ho started his sales career selling educational materials while he was in college. After taking on other sales role, he dove into the tech industry where he started as an account executive and started flourishing as a Sales Development Manager at HackerOne.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • A quick overview of the episode (00:00)
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Dan Ho (02:28)
  • Dan Ho and his journey into the sales development world (03:09)
  • What it’s like being an SDR manager and hiring 23 new grads in the first year (06:35)
  • The challenge of a team lead role: managerial and individual contributor (07:55)
  • Balancing leading a team and securing your own numbers (08:46)
    • What Dan did vs. what actually worked (09:42)
    • Breaking out the month in two (10:20)
  • What happened to the desk coaching during Covid (11:22)
  • It’s not about numbers, it’s about effectiveness (13:05)
    • Effectiveness over efficiency (15:28)
  • How Dan measures his reps’ effectivity (15:56)
  • If you can get these 4 pieces of information, you’re a good rep (17:18)
  • What a week in the life of an SDR manager looks like (18:09)
  • What Dan and his team talks about in the Monday Meetings (20:13)
  • Scenario-based group creation meetings (21:58)
  • The CISO Vendor Podcast (23:33)
    • What is a CISO? (24:14)
    • CISO’s revealing their pain points (24:38)
  • What’s next for Dan Ho? (26:41)
  • Where to get in touch with Dan Ho (28:34)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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