Quinn Fulk,  Director of Sales Development at Snowflake, takes SDR coaching seriously. 

He’s built a training and coaching machine that produces consistently great results. Listen in on how and why he does it. 

Over the course of his career, he’s seen the benefits working closely with SDRs to develop their skills as professionals and future Salespeople. With each promotion, he’s seeing the fruits of this labor and bottom line results in the business. 

This is a must listen! 

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Notable Quotes: 

“The recruiting retention is the most important part of my job, and it’s non-stop. If we’re doing our job right, then people are being promoted, but we’re not doing as good of a job if people are being termed. If I’m associating myself with the right organization, we’re scaling. So when you’re scaling at the same time as backfilling promotions, you’ve got a big hill to climb.” 

– Quinn Fulk

“The mistake that people make is in the playbooks. They try to include everything when really, it’s about curating the right information. And so less is more on the playbook.”
– Quinn Fulk“The day that you stop learning from your SDRs is the day that you stop being effective. The prospecting game is constantly changing. So, if I ever stop iterating and learning what the latest and greatest best practices are from the people that are actually doing it, then I stop being effective.”
– Quinn Fulk

Brief Summary

When you’re an SDR just starting to go down the career path of sales, a hefty portion of success can come from a number of things—and one of those things is having someone in your organization who takes coaching seriously and genuinely wants to invest in your success. Good thing there are people like Quinn Fulk, who don’t pull any punches when it comes to enabling their Sales Development Teams.

Today’s Guest: Quinn Fulk

Quinn Fulk has always had a sales background—selling a number of different things from photos to windows to cars to tax resolution services, to making 400 sales calls a day until he got his big break by landing his first SDR job. Today, he’s built a number of Sales Development teams and works at Snowflake as their Director of Sales Development. 

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • A quick overview of the episode (00:00) 
  • David welcomes the episode’s guest, Quinn Fulk (02:30) 
  • Quinn Fulk, Sales Development, and Snowflake (02:55) 
  • How Quinn Fulk stays on top of recruiting, onboarding, and coaching in the midst of promotions (09:15) 
  • The different aspects to recruiting and training (10:25) 
  • Specialties within the Sales Development organization (11:38) 
  • Keeping the entire Sales Development on track despite the specialties (12:07) 
    • A built-out process to keep things on track (13:00) 
  • Onboarding and getting the new recruits ramped up (14:22) 
  • Tools that Snowflake uses for sales enablement (16:45) 
  • Classroom setting with self-guided learning (18:36) 
  • The importance of continued self-advancement (20:08) 
  • Learning by doing and making mistakes (21:25) 
  • What then if an SDR comes up and says, “nothing’s working?” (23:03) 
  • Where to draw the line when SDRs fail (25:38) 
  • Are salespeople born or are they made? (29:16) 
  • What the Sales Development playbook over at Snowflake looks like (31:38) 
  • Making cross-functional alignment work (34:30) 
  • The Sales Development Team reporting into Marketing (39:12) 
  • The best way to connect with Quinn Fulk (43:38) 

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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