What are the best ways to land meetings with high quality prospects? How do we drive the behaviors needed to compete in today’s busy world?

Matt Wheeler lives these questions every day, and helps his clients land those elusive meetings. What can we learn from his process, and the success qualifiedMEETINGS has with it’s clients? And how can these processes help you achieve your goals in-house. 

Listen and learn from one of the best in the business! 

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Notable Quotes: 

“It’s already proven that SDR programs are very instrumental in companies becoming a public organization, going IPO, having meaningful mergers, acquisitions, things like that. So it’s very important that executive leaders really understand that the SDRs are the first thing that you want to keep in place and expand on when the market closes in.” 

– Matt Wheeler

“The way we introduce ourselves in the market as being a true partner to where, when you hire us, we’re your SDR team, no differently if you went and hired them yourself, and the accountability is exactly the way it would be if you hired me to be your SDR manager.”
– Matt Wheeler

“We want to be advocates for SDR success, whether that success means it’s internal to your organization and you just need a couple of things you got to fix, or you need to outsource it in a more meaningful way to us. We don’t care. At the end of the day, we want the SDRs to have a successful experience within your organization or at ours working for your company. And we want these SDRs to thrive.”

– Matt Wheeler

Brief Summary

If you’re an SDR, then you know how difficult the role is, doing phone calls all day, fixing up cadences, and trying to get meetings. If you’re a Sales Development leader who used to be an SDR yourself, then you’re aware of the kind of value a Sales Development Organization brings to the table. Unfortunately, not everyone sees Sales Development the way you do. But on the bright side, Matt Wheeler has been seeing a positive shift in the way Sales Development organizations are being taken care of, and that things will only get better from here.  

Today’s Guest: Matt Wheeler

Matt Wheeler made his transition from the seafood industry to sales at Netcordia, which was soon after acquired by Infoblox. After that, he worked as an SDR at a few other companies before his claim to fame when he built an in-house Sales Development organization at Forescout Technologies. Seeing how many companies weren’t very well-equipped for their Sales Development teams, he then became an active advocate to promote the Sales Development role when he co-founded his company, qualifiedMEETINGS. 

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • A quick overview of the episode (00:00) 
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Matt Wheeler (02:08) 
  • Matt Wheeler, Sales Development, and qualifiedMEETINGS (02:38) 
  • Why companies’ SDR programs are either hit or miss (04:55) 
    • It starts with how the SDR program is designed (06:28) 
  • The first thing to do when an executive realizes they need an SDR program (09:02) 
  • Bypassing preparation ad hoping for the best (12:15) 
  • When to draw the line and ask an outsource company for help (15:21) 
  • Concurrently running in-house and outsourced SDR teams (19:35) 
  • Building an SDR team to build a talent pool within the company (20:44) 
  • The dynamic shift to working from home (23:12) 
    • Lifer SDRs (26:27) 
  • When Matt Wheeler thinks Sales Development will receive the acknowledgement and prestige it deserves (27:44) 
  • Sales Development spreading beyond the realm of the tech industry (32:30) 
  • The leaders who don’t understand the value of Sales Development are phasing out (33:52) 
  • The next step if you want to check out qualifiedMEETINGS (38:16) 

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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