How do you set up a bootstrapped, thriving business using networking, drive and pure chutzpah?  Benjamin Shapiro has done it and done it well. 

Listen into this fascinating conversation with MarTech Master  as we dive into his journey in putting together the premium podcast and community focused on Marketing Technology. 

This is a must listen show! 

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Notable Quotes: 

“You don’t want to create a show that’s been created 50 times, right? Find a niche or a
lane where you can create something that’s unique.” 

– Benjamin Shapiro “The big thing that we do that’s different than most podcasters is we have the ability to take the data of who listened to your advertorial content and who was exposed to your ads. And then we do more than just having that plate in your ears. We have the ability to retarget the listeners and create lookalike audiences off the people that were interested in your content.”
– Benjamin Shapiro

  “From a philosophy standpoint, I think the only thing that’s different from us and other people that are doing outsourcing is the idea that nobody works for me. They all work for themselves. And if we can’t figure out a way to help them achieve their career goals—whether it’s stability as a freelancer, whether it is learning new skills, whatever it is—if I can’t figure out a way to train my team to feel like they’re getting value and learnings out of the work we’re doing, they’re going to leave. And I want them to feel like they’re working for themselves because then they see the value out of it as opposed to working for me.”
– Benjamin Shapiro

Brief Summary

When you’re starting up a business, how would you choose to market it to turn it into something that’s beautifully thriving and always booked out? Benjamin Shapiro chose performance marketing, and it got him where he is today: a booming consulting business and two monetized podcasts that have huge followings. Ben shares how he did it in this episode of The Sales Development Podcast!

Today’s Guest: Benjamin Shapiro

Benjamin Shapiro is the host and producer of The MarTech Podcast and Voices of Search Podcast. A consultant for brand development, marketing strategies, and business development, he’s an omni-channel marketer who positions and monetizes tech brands to help scale their businesses that drives revenue. 

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • James gives a quick overview of the episode (00:00) 
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Benjamin Shapiro (02:13) 
  • Ben Shapiro, marketing, and the MarTech Podcast(02:32) 
  • Consulting turned advisory and leveraging media (05:46) 
  • The process of becoming a podcaster and starting a podcast with the help of Ben Shapiro (06:47) 
  • Which metrics to look at to provide more value (09:20)
  • Bridging the gap in performance marketing and retargeting listeners (11:17) 
  • The increase in podcast shows in the past year (13:50) 
  • Leveraging Chartable, Podsights, and Performance Marketing (15:33) 
  • Keeping your content compelling so your audience sticks (16:36) 
    • Pod fading and Ben’s investments into his own podcast (18:22)
  • Podcasting as an income stream (19:41) 
  • Ben Shapiro’s podcast team (20:38) 
  •  How Ben Shapiro organizes and keeps track of his team (22:50) 
  • Choosing and landing on the right software (26:03) 
  • The foundation of Ben Shapiro’s business philosophy (28:14) 
  • What’s coming up with Ben Shapiro (32:32) 
  • Thinking of tasks as return on time (34:13) 

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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