“No.” It’s a word most of us hate to hear. But what if we didn’t think about it as a means of rejection? What if we thought about it as a means of success? What if went for “no” the same way we usually go for “yes”?

​These questions and more are what we’ll tackle in today’s episode of the Sales Development Podcast, where David interviews Andrea Waltz, the bestselling author for Go for No! Together, David and Andrea will do a deep dive into the essence of “no”, and why the “Go for No” strategy might be something you need to employ in your life.

3 Key Points:
1.A “No” is not a bad thing – a rejection can be an opportunity to grow.
2.Don’t pre-judge—don’t take people off your potential prospect list because they’ll probably say “no”.
3.Going for the “No” is the way to the “Yes.”

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:50 – Introducing Andrea Waltz
    • 01:32 – Andrea has been studying the word, “No” for years
    • 01:39 – She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice that she has never used
    • 01:52 – She worked for Lenscrafters where she got multiple promotions until she became one of the youngest general managers in their history
      • 02:02 – It was in Lenscrafters where Andrea met her husband, who convinced her to quit her jobs and start a speaking/training company
  • 02:30 – One Andrea’s earliest lessons?—the Go for No strategy
  • 02:52 – After a few years, they decided to just focus on Go for No
  • 03:35 – Richard Fenton, the co-author of the book, is Andrea’s husband
    • 04:20 – Go for No is about intentionally increasing your failure rate – go out and hear NO more often
  • 05:40 – “Your fear of getting the word ‘No’ is going to kill you”
    • 06:41 – We incorrectly associate “No” with “Bad”
  • 08:08 – The reason why Andrea and Richard want people to Go for No is because they want to change people’s view on failure
  • 08:57 – There are different strategies to train your mind
  • 09:56 – No is not a failure, and definitely not the end of the world
  • 11:06 – The subtitle of the book is so important – Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There
  • 12:26 – With a “Go for Yes” mindset, you eliminate other opportunities because of pre-judgement
    • 13:34 – Setting “NO Goals” – set a goal for a number of NOs you’re going to collect
  • 14:28 – Commercial Break
  • 15:26 – If you can switch your mindset that No is getting you toward Yes, you will be empowered
  • 16:59 – Make sure you talk to qualified people
    • 17:35 – A lot of salespeople want to pad the numbers and won’t really Go for No
    • 17:58 – Are you willing to hear no?
  • 20:09 – Managing the No and figuring out what’s behind it is what people forget to do
    • 21:19 – David believes the Go for No is key to a successful life
    • 21:41 – “Just ask for what you want”
  • 22:30 – Andrea mentions about The Aladdin Factor, a book co-authored by Richard
  • 23:20 – When Richard and Andrea made a documentary for Go for No, they interviewed Jack Canfield, Richard’s co-author
  • 23:29 – Andrea told Jack The Aladdin Factor changed her life
  • 23:53 – Going for Yes leads to constant disappointment
  • 24:20 – Face your fear
  • 25:41 – You have to train yourself to revert the notion of “No”
  • 25:56 – There are big NOs out there
  • 26:29 – David’s wife is a natural go-for-no person
  • 26:58 – “Know your stuff”
  • 27:13 – You have to be a professional and have everything together
  • 28:28 – is where you can find Andrea and Richard

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