Those in sales today have differing stories as to how they eventually stumbled upon this profession. Today’s Sales Development Podcast guest, Jason DeAmato who is the director of training at EF (Education First), is no exception. From studying psychology to working on his music, Jason finally found his calling in sales while employed as an orthopedic technician. Jason shares with us his journey into sales and how it led him to not only start a sales company with his friend, but also co-author the book The Pocket Guide For Sales Survival. Tune-in to learn Jason’s take on mentorships, partnerships, and the role salespeople play in the world, today.

3 Key Points:
1.Do something that you love and it won’t feel like work.
2.Communication is the KEY to a great life.
3.Sales is ALL about the customer; find a way to connect with them and be mindful of their social style.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:16 – Introduction to the Sales Development Podcast
  • 00:24 – Introducing Jason to the show
  • 01:36 – Jason ended up in sales by accident – he was studying psychology but derailed from that path because of being part of a band
    • 02:01 – When he graduated school, it was just music for him
    • 02:15 – He worked as an orthopedic technician
    • 02:29 – A sales rep would come into the clinic and sell orthopedic supplies; Jason built a relationship with him over time
    • 02:52 – This rep saw something in Jason and offered him work on his days off
    • 03:12 – Jason’s task was to go to orthopedic clinics and offer doctors and therapists help
    • 03:31 – He was technically a BDR (business development representative) without even knowing it
    • 03:44 – This set-up worked for Jason and he helped out for the next 10-15 years
  • 04:11 – A few years later, Jason’s friend, who had a major sales operation moved back to California
    • 04:28 – Jason decided to quit his job and join his friend start a sales company
    • 04:38 – The company they started was a call-center for hire
    • 05:18 – They made $1M in revenue in 14 months
    • 06:10 – Those years taught Jason what it is to be an entrepreneur and what it is to grow a sales team with very little resources
  • 06:34 – After that venture, Jason went on as director of sales for a finance company where he helped them turn their business around
  • 06:49 – Finally, Jason found EF (Education First) in 2010 and so far, this has been the most amazing experience for him
  • 07:00 – Sales has been a passion for Jason even before he knew it; this is the reason he wrote the book, The Pocket Guide For Sales Survival
    • 08:48 – He reached out to his old business partner and offered to write the book together
    • 10:59 – Jason tried to write for 1-3 hours everyday and when life became hectic, he would dictate to his laptop on his way to work
    • 11:43 – They initially came up with 161 rules in marketing, then they divided and conquered
    • 12:26 – Jason needed his partner—he fed off of his energy
    • 13:47 – Jason wouldn’t let his circumstances be an excuse for not completing the book
  • 14:15 – “When you want something, it doesn’t seem like work”
  • 15:28 – In the 2 years Jason wrote the book, he didn’t watch any TV—he exercised discipline
  • 16:41 – David noticed that the companies he’s worked with always look at the theory of constraint to find their choke points
  • 17:47 – Jason says he wouldn’t be where he is now if he didn’t have an amazing mentor and partner, Randy Bernard
    • 18:13 – It was Randy who showed Jason the ins and outs of sales
  • 19:45 – The book is filled with stories that mean a lot to Jason and express his love for life
    • 20:21 – People don’t realize that sales is so relatable
    • 21:03 – The key to a good life is communication
    • 22:01 – Jason was told his advice didn’t just apply to sales but to relationships, too
    • 22:51 – “Sales is communication”
  • 23:22 – When Randy and Jason created the 161 rules, they all boiled down to attitude
    • 23:38 – Rule #2: Attitude is Everything – Jason said they need to be proud first
    • 24:26 – Jason tells his team they have every reason to be proud because they’re in sales
    • 25:41 – Salespeople enhance others’ lives
  • 26:26 – 50% of college graduates end up in sales, yet only 200 universities out of 4,000 teach these students how to sell
  • 28:19 – Some of David’s friends started sales bootcamps in San Francisco
  • 29:29 – There are two positions available in most startups in The Bay area – engineering and sales
  • 30:35 – Rule #1 in The Pocket Guide For Sales Survival is “Be Proud”
  • 31:34 – “The more we can grow those people, I think, the better because we will breakdown these stigmas”
  • 32:27 – Jason believes sales is more important now than ever
    • 33:22 – David created a conference solely dedicated to sales development
    • 34:09 – “It’s all about the customer”
  • 34:44 – EF is a customer-focused company
  • 35:35 – Any person can give an amazing pitch, but if it’s not hitting the correct target, it’s not going to make it
  • 37:26 – There are 4 social styles: analyzer, driver, expresser, and amiable
    • 38:46 – If you’re talking to a person in the wrong social style, you won’t connect with them
  • 40:30 – Get a copy of The Pocket Guide For Sales Survival at

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