In this episode, David interviews Amit Bendov, CEO and founder of enables you to listen to key parts of a sales conversation, improve a sales pitch and increase your close rate. Amit discusses how recorded coaching has far greater benefits than live coaching. He also delves into the importance of data in sales development, and points out how data has been blatantly ignored in the past.

3 Key Points:                                       
1.The ability to listen to key parts of the conversation and improve your sales pitch are the two key benefits of using
2.Coaching via recorded conversations is much more beneficial than live coaching.
3.It is better to invest in a researcher that creates data than an SDR who handles outbound calls.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:00 – Talk to the experts at Inside Sales Team for all your sales development needs
  • 01:00 – David introduces Amit Bendov
  • 01:40 – The origins of
    • 01:42 – is the fourth company that Amit is leading
    • 02:10 – The idea for came from seeing the amount of investments being made in marketing and lead generation
    • 02:43 – Facilitates better conversations which leads to higher number of deals closing
  • 03:45 – Listen to key parts of a conversation using Gong and analyze sales calls
  • 04:24 – Possible to improve your sales pitch and convert more deals as well
  • 05:46 – Half of current customers use Gong across the board for sales development as well as sales success
  • 06:57 – Record the sales person only when two party consent is required; possible to learn quite a bit about sales development by hearing the sales pitch
  • 08:20 – PARAPHRASING is a great sales technique
  • 08:43 – Possible to set up alerts and notifications for different type of conversations using Gong
    • 09:25 – Can set up competitor differentiation very easily
    • 10:13 – Solutions can be set up right away; advisable to have a good quantum of data before you try to analyze it
  • 11:02 – Possible to spot differences between people and make them actionable
  • 11:17 – Recorded coaching is much more effective than live coaching
    • 11:26 – You do not know what you will be hearing in live coaching; in recorded coaching, you can pick the right coachable moments
    • 11:44 – A lot FASTER to listen to recorded conversations
    • 12:00 – Possible to see facts in a recorded conversation and not waste time arguing about what actually happened
  • 14:42 – The premise of Gong is moving from hypothesis and gut feeling to data
  • 15:43 – Generally it is always good to listen more than talk; however different companies have different dynamics
  • 16:15 – Only 10% of companies focused on DATA
  • 17:05 – Better to invest in a researcher that creates data that builds a product rather than an SDR who handles outbound calls
  • 18:18 – Closure of sales deal over phone and online has led to tremendous amount of data being produced
  • 19:15 – Sales development is not a bus stop but a critical, strategic imperative that we need to start taking more seriously
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Resources Mentioned:
● – The company that Amit has founded