In this episode, David interviews KayvonThe One Call Closer. As a kid, Kayvon was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. His disability was so inhibiting that some people doubted he’d be able to finish elementary school. But that was then and this is now. It took him more than 20 years of blood, sweat, and tears but today, Kayvon shares how he overcame his learning disability to become the man best known as the One Call Closer. 

3 Key Points:                                       
1.There is no one-style-fits-all in education and in life.
2.Salespeople and closers are different — closers get to close the deals.
3.Strategy, not tactic, is the game-changer for all entrepreneurs.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

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  • 01:00 – David introduces Kayvon, The One Call Closer
  • 01:55 – Kayvon’s sales career started at the age of 12 when he followed his uncle to a local furniture shop
    • 03:06 – That one trip would lead to various retail jobs and—eventually—a sales rep job
    • 04:21 – He would end his sales career as the #1 sales rep at a large pharma company
    • 05:28 – He had a 6-figure job, a company car, a company visa, and only worked one day per week
  • 06:07 – “Sales is about relationships”
  • 06:30 – Even though he was successful in his career, Kayvon didn’t feel fulfilled
    • 06:38 – The corporate world was never for Kayvon
  • 07:36 – Kayvon made the jump to his new career in one day
  • 08:16 – It ultimately worked out for him, but may not have been the best strategy at the start
  • 08:30 – Fast forward a year, and he was $120K in debt
  • 09:34 – He realized he was not being congruent to what he was
    • 09:54 – His mentor, Dan Lok, woke him up and told him he’s a salesperson
  • 10:10 – When Kayvon accepted that he was meant for sales, he got back on track
    • 11:26 – In four weeks, Kayvon was earning $25K/month
  • 13:01 – When you take the leap, amazing things can happen
    • 14:48 – “I am not going to be a puppet to anybody”
    • 15:25 –– Kayvon respects other people’s choices BUT he personally does NOT want to be average
  • 16:43 – Happiness and money do not come in the same conversation
  • 17:46 – Commercial Break
  • 18:10 – With two kids, David feels school is setup is to create ‘workers’
    • 19:13 – The education system was setup in the industrial state where the aim was forming the workforce
  • 19:55 – When Kayvon was in school, entrepreneurship was NOT cool — the kids who went into it were bullies and kids labeled with ADDs
    • 21:13 – The moment Kayvon finished school, that was it. He didn’t want to have to do anything with that kind of system
  • 22:54 – The entrepreneurial road makes you sacrifice all the security you have
  • 26:09 – Sales is the only profession you can still do with your hands tied behind your back and your eyes blindfolded
  • 27:28 – If you go from a place of scarcity to a place of abundance, you stop restricting yourself
  • 28:21 – The biggest thing Kayvon learned is: when you call someone, you’re a salesperson; but when they call you, you’re an expert
  • 29:46 – Kayvon is the person who bridges the gap between sellers and buyers
  • 31:21 – Kayvon will take a small group of individuals on an 8-week course where they will teach them the art of high-ticket selling and how to build a business around that art
  • 32:21 – The difference between selling and closing is that closing nets the exchange
  • 34:58 – Kayvon believes that sales is just a transfer of feelings
  • 35:23 – Change your mindset, your paradigm, and the way you operate
  • 38:41 – Everybody teaches the tactics but it’s the STRATEGY that builds the empire
  • 41:07 – If you don’t have a strategy, all your tactics won’t work
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