Sales Development Representatives bring value to every company by connecting their offer to possible leads and customers — this work, however, is not as easy as it seems. What people don’t realize is the effort it takes to even just connect with a lead.

In this episode, Adam Weitzman, shares with us his experiences as a former SDR in SalesForce and as a current AE inLinkedIn. With David, Adam will walk us through why multi-threaded leads are much more feasible than having just one point person, how important building a relationship is, and how he uses LinkedIn to build trust with prospect leads.

3 Key Points:                                       
1.Start considering having different points of contact in a company vs having just one.
2.Always build relationship and trust first before selling something.
3.Do something that your competition doesn’t.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:00 – Talk to the experts at Inside Sales Team for all your sales development needs
  • 00:46 – David introduces Adam to the show
  • 02:27 – After school, Adam decided he will be in a banking-type role
    • 02:40 – In 8 months, he left the job and managed to get into an internship program at SalesForce
    • 03:06 – He later transitioned as a sales development representative (SDR)
    • 03:28 – He was fortunate enough to be an account executive (AE) right after his SDR position
  • 05:12 – SalesForce has a great way of training their talents
    • 05:24 – The internship was a great opportunity to get a ton of exposure
    • 05:58 – In his first month, Adam’s goal was to inform the SDRs who to reach out to, when, and why
    • 06:21 – The biggest opportunity that Adam found in the internship was following through from start to finish
    • 07:31 – Adam’s SDR role helped shape everything for him
    • 08:06 – After his SDR position, he skipped becoming a BDR and went to take on an AE position at LinkedIn
  • 09:11 – As an intern, Adam supported 12 BDRs with hundreds to thousands of accounts on his team
    • 10:58 – There weren’t many opportunities for net new accounts
    • 11:09 – The true measurement of effectiveness are based on the opportunities or pipelines that were generated from the intern’s efforts
    • 12:33 – The relationship between interns and BDRs is crucial to success
  • 15:01 – An SDR gets a list of inbound leads from SalesForce website
    • 16:22 – If an SDR bumps into an influencer it will be one of 2 things: get help to be introduced to the decision maker or seek to gain information
    • 18:04 – There are multiple people involved in buying decisions that SDRs are not relying on one point of contact anymore
    • 18:38 – Adam’s goal in LinkedIn now is to identify people in an organization who are in the sphere of influence in buying decisions
  • 19:57 – Adam shares about a multi-threaded sales lead
    • 20:52 – “It’s all about building relationships and having conversations”
    • 21:26 – Adam gets conversations started through personalization and genuine curiosity
    • 21:41 – Be willing to learn and share about what you do to find commonalities
  • 22:58 – Adam shares an example of upfront selling
    • 24:01 – Learn to ask people or the answer will always be “no”
  • 24:52 – “Who else should we have involved in this conversation?” is a great question to ask a point person who the decision maker is without offending
  • 26:48 – LinkedIn is a platform that gives you information that can help you build a relationship
    • 27:05 – Finding commonalities and understanding what’s important to a person without having to ask is valuable
    • 28:29 – By interviewing thousands of salespeople, LinkedIn now knows that a lot of traditional sales tactics are not as effective as they used to be
    • 29:14 – A few areas LinkedIn Sales Solution help businesses with:
      • Knowing how many people are involved in the B2B buying decision
      • Researching: 75% of research happens online before the company reaches out
  • 32:07 – Revenue Disruption is a great book about the change in buyer processes
  • 33:01 – Sales Navigator allows you to follow individuals and companies regardless of being connected with them
    • 33:12 – Adam talks about how he used Sales Navigator to socially “listen,” get a relationship built, and eventually get his software sold
    • 36:38 – LinkedIn is now a critical tool in finding out what people need
  • 38:12 – Adam’s biggest tip to SDRs is to generate an opportunity with a much higher close rate by recognizing what happens in a buyer’s process
    • 40:25 – Try something different your approach
    • 41:00 – “There’s always different ways of going about doing things”
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Resources Mentioned:

  • SalesForce – Company where Adam worked as an SDR
  • LinkedIn – Company where Adam currently serves as an account executive
  • Revenue Disruption – Book David recommends to know about the changes in buyer’s processes
  • Sales Navigator – A LinkedIn integration tool that Adam uses to connect with individuals and companies