Getting your target’s attention is becoming harder each day and emails aren’t working as good as it used to. Today, setting up appointments for prospects take more than just a phone call or an email — creativity has become the battleground for SDRs.

In this episode, David interviews Braydan Young and Nick Casale of Sendoso, a B2B engagement platform that helps companies amplify account-based marketing and sales with eGifts, handwritten notes, mailers, and more. Together, they talk about what Sendoso is, how it works, and how creativity changed the game for all sales accounts.

3 Key Points:                                       
1.Be creative to get in front of your customers.
2.Leverage the internet and tools you have and incorporate them into your strategy.
3.Don’t just sell — build long-term relationships with people.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:00 – Talk to the experts at Inside Sales Team for all your sales development needs
  • 00:46 – David welcomes Braydan and Nick
  • 01:27 – Braydan is the cofounder and head of sales, while Nick is the account executive
  • 02:04 – They started 3 years ago with a company called CoffeeSender
    • 02:34 – From eGifts to everything you can send
    • 03:49 – People started to be more creative in getting in front of their customers
  • 04:38 – “Direct mail is something everyone knows they should be doing”
  • 04:50 – Sendoso operationalized and scaled direct mail
    • 05:31 – The most successful BDRs they work with incorporate some sort of gifting to their prospects
    • 06:00 – “The more personalized, the better”
    • 06:38 – Nick’s favorite “sends” are the handwritten notes and the post-it notes
    • 08:09 – Gifts that involve more people than just one target are the best ones that work
  • 08:53 – Braydan talks about when eGifts work well vs when they don’t
  • 10:58 – Get smart at leveraging the internet
  • 11:33 – Sendoso has an Amazon integration
  • 13:07 – The back end is a big logistical process
  • 14:00 – David shares about what past episode guest, Stu Heinecke did for contact marketing
  • 15:28 – Braydan worked as a recruiter prior to co-founding Sendoso
    • 16:00 – Braydan’s co-founder, Chris, had the idea to send out gift cards to mail to people
    • 16:46 – Their business idea quickly turned to the direction of account-based marketing even before it was around
    • 17:26 – Using personalization and gifting helps build a relationship with the end person you’re targeting
  • 18:13 – Nick shares about setting up strategies over accounts
    • 19:26 – Be proactive in thinking about how to get all decision makers involved
  • 20:24 – Both marketing and sales departments coordinate with Sedoso on where they want their budget spent
  • 22:46 – Sendoso is a Chrome Extension that sits inside SalesForce
  • 23:51 – Nick shares about his favorite send
    • 24:41 – Braydan talks about his favorite send that was made by a team
    • 26:38 – Setting appointments is getting harder
    • 27:12 – “You’ve got to get creative today”
  • 29:03 – Braydan talks about The Renaissance of Direct Mail
  • 30:18 – “No one likes to be sold to”
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Resources Mentioned:

  • Sendoso – B2B engagement platform where Braydan and Nick works
  • CoffeeSender – The company Braydan and his co-founder, Chris, started before Sendoso
  • Amazon and SalesForce – Platforms where Sendoso have integrations with