In this episode, David welcomes Falon Fatemi to the show. Falon is the CEO & Founder of, a platform that aims to help businesses better understand their market opportunities through data. Today, Falon comes to the show to talk about how her experiences in working with Google and the startup world helped her in starting Node and how they help businesses.

3 Key Points:

  1. Businesses need to stop guessing numbers and start using available data in their strategic and tactical implementations.
  2. The relationships you build are worth more than what you think they are.
  3. Use your passion, interest, and experience in finding out which problem you’d like to solve in the market.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

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  • 00:37 – David introduces Falon to the show
  • 01:21 – Falon was the youngest employee at Google before she founded Node
    • 01:29 – She spent 6 years in Google and 6 years in the startup world
    • 02:08 – Network and relationship are what got Falon into Google
  • 03:42 – “Google is an incredible company”
    • 03:56 – Falon was focused on global expansion
    • 04:38 – She joined YouTube and got to work into exciting programs
    • 05:26 – Google is a data-driven company
    • 06:56 – Google has been an incredible launching pad for Falon in founding Node
  • 07:34 – The story behind Node
    • 07:47 – Falon made an analysis on all the introductions she’s made in the 6 years she spent in the startup world
    • 07:55 – Outcomes led to life-changing opportunities for both individuals and opportunities
    • 09:27 – Falon saw the need of an engagement model
  • 10:50 – Falon talks about how they work with Blue Jeans
    • 14:26 – Node provides an end to end solution from strategic to tactical implementation
  • 17:23 – Why are the businesses still guessing to what their total addressable market is?
  • 18:22 – Node owns 3 steps to an entire product value chain
    • 19:47 – “The math is only as good as the data”
    • 20:01 – The core IP is connecting all the data points acquired
  • 23:14 – Node doesn’t require companies a certain number of customers to work with them
  • 24:42 – Node is not just for the sales rep, but for the marketing team, sales team, and operations team as well
  • 25:42 – Falon’s biggest advice when starting a business: Use your passion to solve a problem
    • 28:05 – “It’s certainly NOT EASY”
    • 28:31 – Test the waters before going double down on a decision
    • 29:14 – “It’s all about the power of your network”
  • 29:45 – Falon explains the founder market fit
    • 30:21 – Create a business around the intersection of your passion, interest, and/or experience
  • 32:18 – Learn more about
  • 32:34 – Check out Falon’s blog
  • 32:46 – Falon is currently working on scaling the value of Node and expanding on empowering everyone to use Node to leverage opportunities
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