Episode 50: Sangram Vajre

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In this episode, David interviews Sangram Vajre, co-founder and CMO of Terminus and the author of Account-Based Marketing for Dummies. Sangram is considered as a thought leader in B2B marketing and is behind the #FlipMyFunnelcommunity. Tune in as Sangram shares how he got into account-based marketing and be inspired on how you can implement it in your business.  

3 Key Points:

  1. Focus on your targeted audience rather than just leads.
  2. The most selfish thing you can do is be selfless.
  3. Put yourself out there and do not be afraid to try something new.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:00 – Subscribe to our show on YouTube and review us on iTunes
  • 00:40 – DiscoverORG – The world’s leading prospect intelligence platform
  • 01:01 – David introduces Sangram to the show
  • 01:38 – Sangram has a video interview on Youtube that made an impact to David
  • 02:42 – He talks about the changes in Pardot
    • 03:08 – Thinking 10x after the acquisition by ExactTarget
    • 03:20 – Acquisition by Salesforce had him think 100x
  • 03:41 – “It really matters how you think and how big you think and what big really means to you”
  • 04:42 – Sangram’s friends who were working on B2B marketing led him to do Account-Based Marketing and the book
  • 05:47 – David talks about category creation
  • 06:10 – Sangram shares how the inspiration for Flip My Funnel came about
  • 07:39 – The difference between the upright funnel and the flipped funnel is targeted audience
    • 08:20 – Start with the customer first
    • 08:45 – Expand your reach
    • 09:11 – Engage people on their terms
    • 09:30 – Turn them into advocates
  • 09:44 – It is about changing the perception of volume-based marketing and sales activities to targeted account marketing and sales
  • 10:25 – Explaining the flipped funnel to executives who are used to the original funnel
    • 11:45 – Start with identifying who your target is
    • 12:23 – Align marketing and sales together
  • 13:14 – DiscoverORG – The world’s leading prospect intelligence platform
  • 13:31 – The alignment between the executives and the sales and marketing team leaders
    • 14:06 – “The buck stops at the CEO when it comes to account-based marketing”
    • 14:40 – There is a disconnect in the leads that is being sent by the marketing to sales
    • 15:40 – Leads don’t matter if they are not your target audience
  • 16:29 – In Terminus, the CRO and VP of Marketing has the same exact number and work as #oneteam
  • 17:13 – Implementing account-based marketing was also hard for them but it paid off eventually
  • 18:25 – The metrics to identify success in using Salesforce and the measure of effectiveness of ABM
    • 19:23 – Marketing can see the pipeline
    • 20:42 – ABM is way broader than how marketing or sales activities used to work
    • 21:15 – You can measure success by the time and engagement spent 
    • 22:47 – Focus your time on the accounts that are engaged with you more
    • 22:57 – Time is one of the most important metrics
  • 23:18 – There are a lot of tools to track time, one is Google Analytics
  • 24:08 – The SDRs role
    • 25:30 – Sangram shares how their process works
  • 28:09 – Reduce the number of accounts and add more value to it by adding personalization as a factor
  • 30:39 – Harness the creativity of people
  • 32:26 – Trust transcends everything: When you trust something, you pay more for it
  • 33:31 – We are in the business of creating trust
  • 34:29 – Flip My Funnel is about bringing the B2B community together
  • 36:58 – The most selfish thing you can do is be selfless
  • 37:14 – When you drop your logo, you become human and this makes you more attractive to people
  • 39:21 – Connect with Sangram on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • 40:05 – Subscribe to our show on YouTube and review us on iTunes
  • 40:15 – Contact us to discuss your sales development needs

Resources Mentioned:

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