Episode 51: Brian Remington

In this episode, David interviews Brian Remington of AppsFlyer. Brian is one of David’s mentors and has worked during the early stages of Salesforce and LinkedIn. Tune in as Brian talks about his corporate trinity, his tips on how to help others succeed and how to build sales development in your own business.
3 Key Points:

  1. You don’t have to struggle alone — look for someone who can coach you.
  2. Give people the foundation for them to be able to succeed in the work they do.
  3. Always assume best intent in every situation.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

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  • 00:40 – DiscoverORG – The world’s leading prospect intelligence platform
  • 01:01 – David welcomes Brian to the show
  • 02:20 – If it wasn’t for technology, Brian would have been a football coach or history teacher
    • 02:53 – Brian has worked in Salesforce and LinkedIn
  • 03:23 – Brian’s corporate trinity – Leadership, Product, and Culture
  • 04:15 – Brian shares about his work mobile advertising and mobile analytics
  • 05:22 – He is passionate about coaching others
  • 06:32 – “Without failure there is no growth”
  • 07:50 – Reach out to others and never stop asking for help
    • 08:40 – It’s easier to look for someone who can help you than to struggle alone
  • 09:32 – The difference between culture and climate
  • 10:42 – Failure is “okay”
  • 11:16 – It is the leader’s job to build the confidence of people before giving them the autonomy to be creative
  • 12:14 – You want people to be directionally confident in the things they are supposed to do
  • 13:44 – A solid foundation is important for people to succeed in their work
  • 14:05 – There are different approaches to success
    • 15:40 – Figure out what your specific skill set is and not just follow others
  • 16:23 – The best teams are the ones that recognize diversity
  • 17:26 – Brian doesn’t give people his goals but rather let them have their own goals
  • 17:53 – David talks about the difference between the processes of startups and big companies
    • 18:47 – Brian worked with companies that already had their processes set
    • 19:30 – Being in a startup means knowing the WHY because you were there when it was built
  • 21:23 – DiscoverORG – The world’s leading prospect intelligence platform
  • 22:10 – “As the leader, you should be able to take ideas and look at how you can include it in your processes”
  • 22:54 – There are different ways to do things as you bring different people
  • 23:32 – Brian shares how he would build a Sales Development Department
    • 24:08 – Ask the company why they want a Sales Development Department
    • 25:12 – Sit with the sales organization and look at what they would do if they had more time
    • 26:30 – What is the system of work that we want this person doing?
    • 27:18 – Brian recommends to always hire cohorts
  • 28:02 – Brian’s take on goal setting
    • 28:31 – Brian would reverse engineer from the top down
    • 29:07 – He talks about the pyramid of goals
    • 30:21 – Why it is important for everyone to have the same vocabulary
  • 31:48 – What to do when someone is upset with the output or process
    • 32:18 – A person who is upset usually has a different expectation
    • 34:27 – It is important to reassess every quarter
    • 35:45 – At the end of the day, it is not about you being right
  • 36:27 – You can always fall back on the numbers you are producing
  • 37:05 – “Always assume best intent in every situation”
  • 38:52 – What are the different avenues for career expansion for someone who works in sales development?
    • 39:26 – It depends on your work before you came to a leadership role
    • 40:52 – The best way to do something is to do it now
    • 41:10 – The question is where do you want to be and how many options do you want?
    • 42:22 – Decide what you want to do as early as you can
  • 43:30 – There is a big disparity between data and actionable data
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