In this episode, David interviews David Cancel, CEO of Drift. David has been a mentor in the tech industry to different companies over the years. Tune in and listen to David talk about how growing up in a pre-internet environment affected him, why discomfort is important for a business to succeed and how you can find your place in the tech industry.
 3 Key Points:

  1. Believing you are lucky or not is relative and can be self-limiting.
  2. You must experience discomfort and pain to grow and succeed.
  3. Learn to ride the wave and use it to push you towards success.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

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  • 00:40 – DiscoverORG – The world’s leading prospect intelligence platform
  • 01:02 – David introduces David Cancel to the show
  • 02:36 – David currently lives in Boston where Drift is located
  • 03:20 – His  goal for his podcast, Seeking Wisdom is to help people discover their true potential
    • 04:05 – There are people who do not know what they are capable of
    • 04:41 – Kids today know more because of the internet
  • 05:26 – Having to grow up in a pre-internet environment has led to self-limiting beliefs
  • 06:08 – People must get over their self-limiting beliefs
  • 07:19 – David is inspired by Dave Ramsey and Sam Walton
  • 08:16 – David succeeded at business because no one expected it of him
  • 09:34 – If you have Twitter or can listen to a podcast, you are lucky
  • 10:55 – There are people who told David that he can’t do things and he wanted to prove them wrong
  • 11:53 – David says he still feels he has not achieved anything
    • 12:24 – This is what motivates him to continue working

●      14:25 – Believing that you are not lucky is a self-limiting belief

  • 15:40 – Sometimes luck is just about being born in the right time and the right place
  • 16:17 – Mark Zuckerberg’s success is not just about luck
  • 17:11 – Read about Jim Rohn
  • 18:01 – Set the sail in the way that will lead you to success
  • 18:40 – You can only reap the rewards if you have sown the seeds
  • 19:33 – David says he does not know what makes his companies successful
    • 20:23 – Have humility, put away your pride and solve the problem of your customer
    • 21:08 – Don’t be blinded by the pride of what you created that you stop listening to the customer
    • 22:02 – Be willing to be wrong
  • 22:28 – DiscoverORG – The world’s leading prospect intelligence platform
  • 23:01 – Getting out of your comfort zone is where growth is
    • 24:03 – Training is what helps us go through discomfort
    • 25:25 – Taking criticism from customers can be painful but is important
    • 26:18 – Don’t run away from taking a beating
  • 27:33 – Everything that Bill Gates creates have already been validated by the customer
    • 29:03 – Bill Gates gave his company the daily beating
  • 30:14 – High performing organizations have to be customer-oriented or have a leader that will always keep them on their toes
  • 31:29 – If you know other models of how to lead organizations, please post it in the comments section
  • 32:10 – David’s podcast is his way of talking to himself
  • 33:15 – Aside from products that are executed well and have good marketing, it is also important that the market is ready for it
  • 34:42 – There was a time when messaging was not common for everyone
    • 35:39 – Human behavior has changed and now messaging is normal
    • 36:10 – “We are just riding on the momentum”
  • 37:18 – Look at the big changes that are happening in the world and when they are becoming normal
  • 38:21 – Power is moving from companies and suppliers to consumers
  • 40:42 – David Cancel thinks Snapchat has become normal to people because it is the environment they grew up in
  • 41:31 – “Pay attention to the shifts that are happening around us”
  • 41:58 – David says David Cancel’s company put the soul in their products
    • 42:30 – It’s a lot of work but they do it because it’s how they stand out
    • 43:07 – It’s about building a mote and knowing what the mote is
    • 44:47 – Build an emotional mote around a brand, product, or service
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