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Episode 54: Chad Burmeister

In this episode, David shares the mic with Chad Burmeister, founder and CEO of, a platform that helps SDRs and BDRs deliver 10,000 personalized sales activities per month. With the technological advancements we have these days, a question that pops up is, should SDRs and BDRs get scared of AIs like ScaleX? Listen to get to know Chad, more about, and why he guarantees that bots are here to help BDRs and not just replace them.
3 Key Points:

  1. The most important thing in sales is to want to be successful in selling.
  2. Get good at your talk tracks, that’s where you’ll get a lot of money.
  3. A leader’s job is to help and teach people under him.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:01 – DiscoverORG – The world’s leading prospect intelligence platform
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  • 00:58 – David introduces Chad to the show
  • 01:40 – Chad’s first sales job was not successful but it was what sparked him to do sales development
  • 02:16 – Chad discovered the most important thing in sales — the want to be successful in selling
    • 02:47 – “Learn from the best and forget the rest”
  • 03:25 – Chad’s first venture was 10 years ago with Telesales Force
    • 03:39 – It didn’t scale and Chad was not ready then
  • 05:15 – The challenge Chad found was BDRs personalizing the message
    • 07:37 – Chad talks about the best customer they’ve had
    • 09:01 – BDRs tend to skip the hard things
  • 09:12 – Chad tells us how he solves these BDR problems
    • 11:54 – He programmed pieces of information of people he knew in the sales development world into the bot
  • 13:20 – Chad’s advice to people entering sales: Get in where you fit in
  • 16:13 – Get good at your talk tracks
  • 18:11 – Chad tells his experience at ConnectAndSell
  • 19:43 – “There are so many new things that you can be doing with AI and velocity”
  • 19:56 – DiscoverORG – The world’s leading prospect intelligence platform
  • 20:53 – Chad shares how works in helping SDRs and BDRs
    • 23:59 – “We don’t want to be a service provider forever”
  • 24:45 – helps inside teams get familiar with the process in 3 months
  • 26:01 – Chad’s go-to market strategy
    • 27:39 – “It’s all about a good phone number and a good email address”
  • 29:53 – Despite his success, Chad tells people to keep him humble all the time
  • 31:31 – Coaching as a service
    • 32:04 – By partnering with specialized sales systems like ExecVision, offers coaching as a service for companies who need help
  • 35:59 – Bots just empower BDRs, they don’t replace them
  • 37:48 – It’s your job as a leader to teach your people — don’t do management by serving suggestions
  • 38:55 – OutboundWorks is’s only competitor
  • 41:53 – Connect with Chad on LinkedIn or om
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