Back on the pod after way too long, Matt Amundson with Everstring brings his incredible depth of knowledge to share with us this week.

Prospecting has changed dramatically in the last few years. Your prospects are flooded with messages, signals and distractions. In order to stand out, you need to bring something to the table when you reach out.

Gone are the days of blindly email spamming thousands of people, or cold calling without a purpose. And please don’t bring bad, generic messaging to Linkedin. You are killing Linkedin people!

Matt breaks down what it takes to get your message heard and replied to today… he calls it FIRE, and it’s hot (haha). Take a listen to this one!

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In this episode, David interviews Matt Amundson, one of our first guests on the show. Matt is the Vice President in Marketing for EverString, a marketing and sales intelligence software powered by automated data science and the world’s most reliable business data. Tune in as Matt talks about the changes in the industry, his advice to SDRs, how to know when you don’t have a market fit, and how to set your sales prospecting program on FIRE.

3 Key Points:

  1. Be ready to go on the market before actually jumping into the market.
  2. You have to make tough decisions especially when you don’t have a product market fit.
  3. Personalization wins but the use of it depends on the audience you’re serving..

 Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:01 – Accelerate your growth at The Sales Development Conference on August 31, 2018
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  • 01:29 – David introduces Matt to the show
  • 02:46 – Matt talks about what has changed in the past couple of years in the industry
    • SDRs are on with better technology than before
    • Account-based sales development has not changed — it’s still relevant and working
    • Personalization is becoming more popular
  • 05:24 – More and more people are needing a single platform to deploy
  • 07:12 – The importance of sales development platforms allowing to integrate apps
  • 09:29 – Matt is an advocate of hiring SDR managers first before SDRs
    • Build a solid foundation first
  • 11:50 – Downsize or eliminate the sales development program until you are ready
  • 13:02 – When your “win” rate is below 10% then you don’t have a market fit
  • 15:03 – Matt reminds that “You are the master of your own career”
  • 16:17 – Matt’s advice to every SDR: whatever role you want to move into, you got to move into it in a place you’re at
  • 16:58 – Accelerate your growth at The Sales Development Conference on August 31, 2018
  • 18:50 – Personalization of messages depends on the audience you’re serving
    • Keep your emails short, let your marketing department educate your audience
    • Personalization WORKS
  • 22:22 – Using LinkedIn to make meaningful outreach to your prospects is important
    • Any account knowledge can be utilized across multiple personas and emails
  • 25:33 – Matt talks about FIRE and how businesses should go to market
    • FIT
    • INTENT
  • 30:51 – How the workflow is for FIRE accounts
  • 32:06 – What Matt has seen in his business is a reduction in sales cycle by 40%
  • 34:07 – Matt discuss where you have to be in the go-to market stage
  • 36:16 – Layering a platform by yourself can be difficult
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Resources Mentioned:

  • EverString – Matt’s company
  • LinkedIn – A platform where you can get lead information