How can Marketing truly support the work of Sales Development? Where should SDR’s report to, Marketing or Sales? How do you ensure everyone is on the same page?

Scott King has thought through these issues and more, and shares a tremendous amount of wisdom on this week’s podcast. Take a listen, and ensure your revenue engine is a well oiled machine.

Scott is also the host of The Scott King Show, which includes a number of fascinating interviews with some of the top minds in Marketing and Sales.

In this episode, David welcomes Scott King, Director of Pipeline Development at ZIMPERIUM. Scott also runs a podcast called, The Scott King Show. Tune in as he talks about bringing focus to sales development alignment — how you’re your own SDR at times, why you have to personalize your messages, and the importance of investing in your SDR’s resources.

3 Key Points:

  1. Sales development fit both sales and marketing departments.
  2. Always tailor your messages — never send out automated messages that are generic.
  3. Invest time in resources to help your SDRs understand the whole journey.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:01 – Accelerate your growth at The Sales Development Conference on August 31, 2018
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  • 01:31 – David introduces Scott
  • 02:00 – Check Out Scott’s Podcast, The Scott King Show
  • 02:50 – Scott talks about getting into sales development tech at i2 Technologies as a sales rep
  • 04:00 – His job at ITKO was learning how to market and pitch
    • Scott was offered a position in the marketing department and that’s how he started then
  • 05:52 – In Scott’s view, everyone is in sales
    • Sales development teams counts as both sales and marketing teams
  • 07:51 – Scott shares how he thinks of sales development in small and large companies
    • In some cases, “You are your own SDR”
  • 09:50 – David says inbound marketing was the trend a couple of years back
  • 10:56 – Accelerate your growth at The Sales Development Conference on August 31, 2018
  • 12:36 – Scott believes that “it’s easier to get the message out” and that’s why people’s attention span gets shorted
    • Automated messages sometimes don’t know who they’re talking to
    • “We’re fighting against all the complexity”
  • 15:12 – Teams put too much pressure on growth
  • 16:44 – Scott mentions that Aaron Ross talks about sales roles and specialization
  • 19:19 – Confusion means not understanding the whole journey
    • Invest time in resources
  • 21:21 – The importance of putting your SDRs in support emails/calls
  • 22:31 – David believes that “people need pipeline”
  • 24:32 – Be careful in the recruiting process — get the right person at the upfront
    • You always want to have the best talent
  • 26:57 – “You need to look at the entire value chain”
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