Executives are getting a ton of emails and Linkedin messages each day. But, beside from robocalls, their phones lay silent.

Even when people do call, they don’t leave voicemails, so there’s very little communication happening here. Why isn’t anyone calling?

Dan Jourdan is on a mission to change that. In his view, the phone is the most underutilized channel in all of Sales Development. He’s pledged to teach SDRs all over the world not to fear the phone, but to embrace it and make it a big part of their workflow.

Listen to this phone filled conversation where we dive into the using Forgotten Phone! It’s the perfect time for SDRs to stand out.

In this episode, David chats with Dan Jourdan, the Cold Call Guy. Today’s age and industry tells us that Cold Calling DOES NOT WORK anymore. BUT, today, Dan shares that IT STILL DOES WORK and all the benefits of using cold calls. Listen as he lists down a plethora of reasons and benefits for cold calling, the 4 ways to get people to buy, and the 7 magic words that will get you everything.
3 Key Points:

  1. Your job as a salesperson is to share your positive energy with the people you’re talking to every single day.
  2. Cold calling is great for building relationships and learning to sell.
  3. Regularly following through is key.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

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  • 00:38 – David introduces Dan to the show
  • 01:19 – “Sales in general has a bad wrap”
    • Coming as a real person is unexpected
  • 03:03 – Dan talks about Cold Calling and the benefits of it
    • Today’s industry tells us that cold calling does not work
    • Now, there’s a resurgence for cold calling
    • Talk about “if they need your stuff”
    • Dan shares getting kicked out of an office
  • 08:04 – Cold calling is best for teaching you how to sell
  • 09:23 – Keeping your attitude up when everyone gets grumpy
    • “Your job as a person who’s going to be selling anything is to spread your positive energy to them”
    • 4 Ways To Get People To Buy: Like, Trust, Believe, and Desire
  • 12:25 – The 7 Magic Words that will get you everything: I wonder if you could help me
    • Use the need to help
    • Ask someone’s opinion
    • Ask for somebody’s advice
  • 17:30 – Cold calling is great for building relationships
    • The best way to utilize cold calling is including it in a system
  • 20:19 – Attitude is what you can control on the front end
  • 21:18 – “People are buying you before they’re buying your product”
  • 24:40 – You can only measure what’s under your control
  • 26:12 – David recommends the book, The Slight Edge
  • 26:49 – The answer to success is simple discipline practiced everyday
  • 30:01 – Dan advises to start with a list and regularly follow through
    • People in your list are YOUR leads, not the company’s anymore
    • Everybody needs to have a contact list
  • 35:40 – The difference between having a job and being a salesman
    • Security doesn’t come in a job — build your own machine
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