Trying out a different format this week for the pod… a solo show. On my audio soapbox I go in to some highlights from the recent Sales Development Conference (350 people in San Francisco), a bunch of upcoming events including two in Boston, and some thoughts on the Sales Dev industry and the coming year. Check it out!

Event breakdown I mention on the show:
Sales Dev Manager Training – San Francisco Oct 18th
Sales Dev Management Meetup Boston Nov 14th with @OpenView Partners
Sales Dev Manager Training – Boston Nov 14th (same day as Meetup, same place)
Here’s the event link I mention to sign up —

Need a discount or to convince your boss? Leave a comment and I’ll get with you on it.

Stay tuned for some awesome upcoming shows with more Sales Development Thought Leaders!

In this episode, David walks us through the things they’re working on now at Tenbound and how these can potentially support you. And the highlights from the last Sales Development Conference and what to look forward in the next one.
Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:17 – Subscribe to our show on YouTube and review us on iTunes
  • 00:38 – David thanks everyone who supported this year’s conference!
  • 02:33 – There’s going to be a meetup in Boston
    • November 14th at the Open View Office
    • November 13th David will host a sales development manager workshop
  • 04:45 – Checkout our feedback at G2 Crowd Reviews
  • 05:06 – The 3 Major Things David talked about in the conference
    • We have support; we have an ecosystem
    • Private and public groups (Tenbound also started a coaching program)
    • The rise of the Chief Development Officer
  • 06:46 – The problem in the attention economy
  • 12:21 – David shares his talk on taking resources
  • 14:35 – See you on the next Sales Development Conference!
  • 16:47 – What to do on our 100th episode
  • 18:22 – Connect with David on
  • 18:48 – Subscribe to our show on YouTube and review us on iTunes
  • 18:55 – Contact us to discuss your sales development needs