Anyone who attended The Sales Development Conference in August may recall the keynote where I mentioned that in the next few years we’ll see the first Chief Sales Development Officer, the CSDO.

When I mentioned this, the crowd went wild. Finally, full validation on the critical role Sales Development plays in pipeline production, revenues and thus, success of the company.

A position with the authority to help fully align product development, marketing, and sales to ensure the dream of predictable revenue.

Well folks, Haley Katsman could very well be the first CSDO in the future. You must get to know her.

Listen in this week on The Sales Development Podcast as we break down how she sees the Sales Development practice and how she aligns the many aspects of her go-to-market strategy to drive consistent performance.

Also, we go into how Highspot uses Highspot to train their own SDR team. Can’t miss this one!

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In this episode, David chats with Haley Katsman. Haley is the Vice President of Growth and Account Development at Highspot, a company that delivers the industry’s most advanced sales enablement tools and software for improving marketing effectiveness and increasing sales. Listen as Haley shares with us what sales enablement is, how it works, and the importance of companies investing in teaching and training their sales development employees.
3 Key Points:

  1. It’s critical to understand and know who your audience is.
  2. Let your calls be informational interviews to get to know your customer.
  3. Make sure your sales development people are able to start with all the information they need.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

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  • 00:37 – David welcomes Haley to the show

●      02:03 – Haley talks about what she does at Highspot
○      Haley leads 3 different teams in the organization
●      02:46 – She has both a sales and marketing background
○      She spearheaded Highspot’s sales development 2 years ago
●      04:30 – It’s critical to have an understanding who your buyers are
○      Do a lot of research to understand your avatar
●      06:41 – More details on how they do customer research
○      You don’t have to know all the answers right away
○      Treat calls like an informational interview
●      09:18 – For Haley, it’s quality before quantity
○      “You have to be data informed”
○      The conversion rate is the “sweet spot”
●      13:00 – David believes that sales development is the foundation of your career
●      14:38 – How people use sales enablement from Highspot
●      16:59 – Haley explains what sales enablement is
○      Have customer content that’s easy to pull
○      A layer of guidance with the content
●      21:25 – Making sure the ADR has everything they need to start
○      Understand how the function is organized in the company you’re working at
○      At Highspot, they’re extremely collaborative and interactive
●      27:36 – David mentions the book, Brotopia
●      28:42 – Driving Diversity In Sales Development meetup in Boston

  • November 14th at the Open View Office
  • November 13th David will host a sales development manager workshop

●      29:55 – The importance of having a clear career path for your sales development teams
●      32:55 – Growth as a centralized function
●      35:01 – Connect with Haley on LinkedIn
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  • 35:29 – Contact us to discuss your sales development needs

Resources Mentioned:

  • Highspot – Where Haley works as vice president for sales and account development
  • Brotopia – A book David mentioned