@Dan Gottlieb is a Sales Development Analyst with @TOPO, where he consults with Sales Development programs at some of the highest growth companies in technology and beyond.

He brings a viewpoint few of us can gain: a higher level view of what works and what doesn’t in Sales Development today based on working with many companies across industries.

It’s easy to get so heads-down on our own Sales Development programs, we can lose focus on the big picture and the high level view of what other companies are doing to succeed. Tune in to gain this view.

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In this episode, David welcomes Dan Gottlieb to the show. Dan is a sales development industry analyst at TOPO, a research and advisory firm that helps sales, marketing, and sales development grow revenues faster. Tune in as Dan talks about today’s sales development landscape and a ton of tips on keeping your SDRs happy and focused.

3 Key Points:

  1. Listening is key in understanding and solving industry problems.
  2. Conveying value means connecting your offer to another person’s problem.
  3. It doesn’t cost much to keep your SDRs motivated in their job.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

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  • 00:38 – David introduces Dan
  • 01:27 – Dan was an independently employed sales consultant
    • He found that content out there was not rooted in reality
  • 02:17 – He shares the variables that led him to sales development
  • 04:25 – It’s important to become an exceptional listener to find out the best practices in your industry
    • Listen to the problems and how people are addressing them
    • “We’re just listeners”
  • 07:42 – Useful and actionable solutions for the industry
  • 08:36 – The consistent execution of touch patterns and consistent messaging are problems that keep coming up
  • 12:12 – Dan shares some suggestions to managers
    •  Approach consistent touch patterns by being specific about the kinds of people and accounts and prescriptive about the kind of touch pattern you put them in
    • Be experimental in your prompts
  • 19:30 – Dan shares about a team that crafts incredibly relevant first emails
  • 21:28 – Persona challenge benefits
  • 23:15 – The true meaning of conveying the value
    • Connect what you’re offering to the problems the other person is facing
    • “It’s all about framing”
  • 24:33 – Have multiple problems you’re alluding back to
  • 28:44 – Dan thinks benefit of sales engagement is the difficulty of using CRM
  • 29:34 – Now, marketing is understanding that emails from people have higher open rates than emails from companies
  • 31:25 – CRMs could buy SalesLoft and Outreach
  • 32:30 – Make sure you understand your go-to market strategy is ultimately being reflected in your contact database
  • 35:34 – Dan talks about keeping people engaged in sales development
    • Be straightforward with what the job is like
    • Offer career growth opportunities
    • Compensation, promotion and recognition
    • Have a culture where there’s fun in the job
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