The Sales Development Podcast

Episode 82: Liz Cain

How do you buy things today?

You may not realize it, but the process has changed dramatically in the last few years.

Fast growing companies like @slack @dropbox @drift and @expensify make it so easy to get started, after a little while you love the product and are pulling out your wallet to buy or asking your boss for budget. It’s the consumerization for IT purchase.

Our guest this week is Liz Cain, who is at the forefront of the Product-Led movement, supporting companies working with @openviewpartners in Boston and beyond as a Partner.

In this episode, we discuss Product-Led growth, and how it relates to Sales Development.

Good news, it makes the customer experience better and the Sales Development role more valuable. This is a must listen!

Big thanks to @Darryl Praill of @VanillaSoft for making this podcast possible. Check out their new Sales Engagement solutions.

Next week: Are you stuck in Analysis Paralysis? Break out of the trap and balance research with action to crush your goals.…